My life is falling apart...
My life is just one obstacle...
I'm loosing strength...
Once I break and I fall its going to be hard to stand back up...

My life is troubled...

This is about a girl who all of a sudden gets all these problems that are tricky to solve and she slowly starts crumbling down!!


6. Troubled // Chapter One


Troubled // Chapter One





My legs ache. My body is sore. My whole self is tired. This means another school day has just passed. I'm not usually tired but since we all were really cheery and wide awake today we went wild and we all pranced along the field until lunch was finished. I made my way back to my house after being dropped off by the school bus at the bus stop near the corner shop. I couldn't be bothered to get anything today so I carried on.


Pushing down the handle I then realized no one was home, that meant my siblings are at an after school club. Yes no annoying little siblings for about an hour. My walk back to the house is only five minutes away from the bus stop and two/three if I run. I fiddled around with my keys until I found the right one then pushing the piece of metal into the lock, twisting it then pushing the door open. Stepping a foot in my two dogs came rushing to me. These were both golden retrievers. Both older than a puppy yet still acts like one. 


Opening the kitchen door, my two dogs followed me when I heard a Meow. Ah there's my cat. Let me just introduce you to my pets here at the moment. My cat is a male called Ogle, pronounced oh-glee, he has a white chest with white paws like socks. His main color is black with tints of brown on the tips making him look like a hedge hog sort of. Now with my two male dogs. My lovely golden retrievers basically are like lions because they have manes. Both cheerful, never being nasty. The girl is called Shisha, pronounced Shee-sha, whilst the boy is called Simba. I call Simba, lion often though. I grabbed a carton of apple juice before making my way to the living room and falling into the sofa. I love my life at the moment, it's peaceful and joyful.


*55 Minutes later*


I stepped out of the house, locking the door behind me as I made my way to my old primary school also known as my little siblings school. I trudged down the pavement now in my normal clothes. I was wearing my dollar leggings with a black t-shirt that had a galaxy cross on mostly purple so I had a purple hoodie on. I had paired my whole outfit off with ankle high, white converse. Now I was in the primary school property, once I made it to the main hall I waited outside as kids ran out the doors in Karate whilst other were in normal clothes that they had put on after Gymnastics. 


*Few Minutes later*


Here they come. The triplets, yep you heard it right; triplets! A handful but love them all to pieces. They all look the same except the little differences. The main one, two girls and one boy. One of the girls have emerald green eyes, the other girl has deep dark brown eyes whilst the boy has icy bright blue eyes. The girl with green eyes full name is Emma Chloe Lee. The other girl with brown eyes full name is Millie Piper Lee. The boy who has blue eyes fall name is Marcus Philip Lee. Or for their nicknames either: Em/Chlo, Mills/Pip and Mark/Phil. They love their middle names luckily.




Gently kissing each triplets head, I said goodnight as mum and dad tucked them in bed. I smiled before stepping into my room. My room is soon to be my dream on how I imagine it to be. After changing into my night outfit I slipped into bed wearing some shorts and a oversized t-shirt. Then I lay my head down, slowly shutting my eyes as I became calm meaning I was falling asleep. Goodnight for now.

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