My world

Hi my name is erin winder and this is my depressing life.

I decided to write a book about my life because I have nothing better to do. I'm a 12 year old girl that spends her life on the internet. My hobbies include singing, dancing, horse riding, and swimming. The only sport I actually like is volleyball.

I hope you enjoy reading this book/ diary thing that I'm writing. :)


1. get to know me


My names erin winder and this is my diary type thingy.

Why am I making a diary type thingy? Because I have nothing better to do and because I thought that some people would like to know what goes through a depressed teenage girls mind.

I'm 12 years old and Im Australian. I'm not a teenager yet but my whole family calls me one because of how I act. I don't have many friends and I'm single. I'm probably already boring you with my life.

I've been bullied my whole life and in year three it started to become physical bulling. I would get hit, slapped, punched and do my parents know about it.... Of corse not! They wouldn't care anyway. I'm no longer physically bullied and I'm rarely verbally bullied but the past still haunts me. I have major trust issues and the only person who I can trust is my best friend Hannah. She was the only one who stood up for me my whole life.

I've been too three different schools through out my whole life. I'm in grade seven now so next year I'm going to high school. I'm really nervous but I'm sure I'll be fine. None of my friends from school are going to my high school which is good in a way but I get shy around new people so I don't know how in going to go.

Am I boring you yet? No? Okay then...

My life is pretty basic for a teenage girl. I'm no different to any others. I spend most of my life online and reading books (yes I'm a book geek). I get average grades at school. The people that I hang out with at school are; Hannah, Charlie and Rhys. I have a crush on Rhys and he has a crush on me too. We both know we like each other but nothing's happened yet. Hannah has a boyfriend named Blake and she keeps going on about how when me and Rhys start dating we can go on double dates. I don't think we're gonna date though.

Every day I'm going to upload a chapter of what happened at school and stuff. I hope I'm not boring you to death. don't worry most if the funny stuff happens at school.

That's it for today, byeeeeeee xx

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