My world

Hi my name is erin winder and this is my depressing life.

I decided to write a book about my life because I have nothing better to do. I'm a 12 year old girl that spends her life on the internet. My hobbies include singing, dancing, horse riding, and swimming. The only sport I actually like is volleyball.

I hope you enjoy reading this book/ diary thing that I'm writing. :)


2. day 2

Hey guys,

Today we had a substitute teacher. He had the same last name as my first male teacher from my second school..... Which died. He told us a story about how he had to attend at least 10 different kids funerals.

At recess I hang out with Hannah and taylah. Me and taylah are friends but were not very close. She's really loud and can make me smile but when I'm upset she doesn't know when to stop. Oh and by the way she's kassandra clementi's sister (if you don't know who that is it's maddie from 'home and away').

At lunch I had to go to volleyball training. It's a school thing so we practice in the gym. We're practicing for the state carnivals. To be honest I would have rather spent my lunch whith Rhys.

My morning started off shit (by the way I swear a lot). My dad came into my room whilst I was putting my make up on and started yelling at me. "Get off your lazy fat ass and get ready" he yelled. In my defence I yelled back "I am getting ready". I'm not afraid to stick up for myself. He yelled back "get dressed you little shit" and then left. Thankfully I didn't see him for the rest of the morning.

Me and my dad have never been close. I've always hated him. He's always such an asshole to me and he favourites my brothers. If I didn't mention it before I have three brothers. Jared, Jason and Luke. I'm the oldest out of the whole family. When my mum and dad split up a while ago my mum moved out. We were at her house on the week days and at my dads on week ends. I hated going to my dad's house. There was nothing to do since all of our stuff was at our mums. He would also yell at us and make us clean up his mess. I hate him so much. Sadly my parents got back together. There constantly fighting though.

My dad's always accusing my mum of shit. Last week he was causing her of sleeping with her best friends husband. That got resolved. I could say it a thousand times and nothing would change, I HATE my dad. I know people have abusive parents and go through stuff much worse than I do but it's hard for me with all the stuff I've been through.

At dinner tonight my dad asked me again what u want to be when I graduate. He got the same answer as always, a youtuber. All I've ever wanted was to be liked by people and make people smile. To be a youtuber is my dream job, I can't imagine me doing anything else. My dad got really annoyed that I'm not choosing a 'realistic' job. Other people make a career out of it so why can't i? I hate how my family support me in nothing.

I guess that's all for today,

Byeeeeeee xx 💕💕

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