What If...?

Hello! I am a newbie here so... PLEASE BE NICE OAO... Anyways... Yeah?


2. What If Hetalia was on Crack??

Hello~!!! It's me! NutellaBeast~ I would like to thank the 2 who comment TvT you've made me happy. And... When this weird Fanfic reaches 15 likes, I'm-a throw a 2nd 'What If Elsa Was Tsundere' So... Yeah! Tell you friends,family,potatoes... Lol~ Anyways... Enjoy~~~


Italy barged into the room not because he was late, but he had an important mission to do.

"WHERE MY BANANAH?!?" Yep... Then out of no where he brought out his water gun.


Then Japan stood up "YOU MEAN..." He raised up his hands to reveal him hold a bunch of yellow bananas

"GIVE-A ME BACK MY BANANAHS!!!" Italy ran and tried to tackle Japan, But Japan YOLO-ED his way out quicker than him... Now it's on!!

... To be continued ...


WHAT HAVE I DONE OAO, *ahem* Sorry.... I know your going to comment now "What.The.Balls", To all Hetalians though... Hopefully you laughed your butts out! XD Hope you like it and TNX~

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