Unknown Girl

Once Apon A Time, there was a young 16 year old girl named Amelia, who had special powers of seeing into the futures and live an immortal life, living in a town by the ocean in England with her mother and her twin brother peacefully. But then one day, the small village was attacked by pirates. After the attack the only one who survived was her and her brother. Luckily a boy named Arthur saved her and her brother. After that she worked at Arthur's house to repay him. But the problem is that where ever she went there was some kind of accident. Soon she was considered a witch. After that she ran off to a far away place in a cottage on a mountain and lived her life there. People started looking for her all over the country mostly for the cash. They even killed her brother right infant of her. She now tries to live her life out of misery. Now the story that nobody ever knew begins.


6. Tell Me!

I don't know how long I was sleeping but I was woken up by Alfred. " Amelia!!! Wake up! Please, hurry up!! " He was screaming with all his might. " What's wrong, Alfred? " I looked around confused and then came back to reality. I heard people screaming and crying. I heard guns being fired. I quickly sat up of bed and looked out the window. I saw men surrounded by life-less bodies outside holding guns and swords. I was absolutely terrified.      " What the hell??!! Alfred, what's going on?! Tell me!! " I looked up at Alfred and saw his face with many scars. "What happened to you?!" Alfred stared at me sadly and hugged me tightly. He whispered under his breath, "Seems like you were right about the whole ' pirate's attacking this village '. " " I guess I was. No. Wait. That doesn't matter right now. Let's get out of this house as quickly as we can. OK? " Alfred nodded and tried to stand up. I tugged on his shirt and shook my head. I signaled him to crouch down. Since he was so tall for a boy his age those jerks could easily spot him if he stood up. Although they probably would've found out that we were still in this house because earlier Alfred was screaming at me to get up. It probably would reduce the chance of us being found because the house is burning down and they probably think we are already dead... WAIT. Why's the house on fire???!!! Actually, since when? Just then i noticed that Mother was missing. " Alfred, where's Mother? " He didn't answer me and just kept on walking to the door. " Alfred! " Alfred turned around and said " What?! We have to hurry out and get out!! " I sat at me bed stubbornly and said " I won't go out until you tell me where Mother is! " Alfred looked really pissed and yelled. " Can' t you see that this house is burning down?! We have to get out! Now!! " I sat on my bed and glared at him, still not daring to go anywhere. " I will tell you when we get out. Now will you come with me? " I suddenly thought of the nightmare I had and quickly caught up to Alfred. " Fine... " I didn't want to end up like the "me" in the dream.

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