Unknown Girl

Once Apon A Time, there was a young 16 year old girl named Amelia, who had special powers of seeing into the futures and live an immortal life, living in a town by the ocean in England with her mother and her twin brother peacefully. But then one day, the small village was attacked by pirates. After the attack the only one who survived was her and her brother. Luckily a boy named Arthur saved her and her brother. After that she worked at Arthur's house to repay him. But the problem is that where ever she went there was some kind of accident. Soon she was considered a witch. After that she ran off to a far away place in a cottage on a mountain and lived her life there. People started looking for her all over the country mostly for the cash. They even killed her brother right infant of her. She now tries to live her life out of misery. Now the story that nobody ever knew begins.


4. Recalling the Dream

I looked down at my hands on my laps which were tightly clutched together. "The actuall reason why I fainted was because I had this horrible dream." Alfred looked pretty confused. "You wouldn't normally knock out if you have a nightmare." I clutched my hands even more tighterand shut my eyes. "I know!" Alfred looked startled because I yelled in such frustration which I normally don't. He looked guilty and started saying " I'm sorry, Amelia. I didn't mean to make you angry." I took a deep breath and opened up my eyes again. "Yes. I know. I'm sorry for yelling." For a while it was completely silent other than the birds chirping outside. Alfred looked impatient and finally said "And then, so what happened?" I took a deep breath for the second time and continued speaking quietly. "In that nightmare I had a dream that our small town was attacked by pirates." I took a quick glance at him. His eyes were very big in curiosity so I decided to continue speaking. "I could hear people screaming, crying, and shouting. I even heard canons outside." Alfred paused me and said "So you were inside. And where were we?" My head started to ache but I still answered to his questions. "Yes I was inside. In fact you and mother were both inside this house." Alfred looked pretty upset. "Go on." This time I looked up at the ceiling. "And for a strange reason. You and Mother didn't hear me. I tried to shake Mother's shoulders but for an odd reason my hands went through her as if I was a ghost." Alfred was pretty excited of what was going to happen to this crazy nightmare. I just kept on staring at the plain ceiling and kept on speaking quietly. "And the weirdest part is that I noticed somebody beside you, Alfred." Alfred looked puzzled. "Me? I don't remember having four members in this family." I ignored what he said. I then looked at the bed frame. "I looked at who was beside you really carefully. And then to my surprise, I found myself clinging onto your shoulder in terror." "WHAT!?" I covered my ears and turned to him to shush him. He covered his mouth and mumbled "Sorry." "Yes." I looked at the bed frame again. "Then I heard the door being violently knocked over. But then I woke up." Alfred looked disappointed. "So you didn't know what happened to the dream? To us?" I looked down at my hands again and mumbled "No. I don't know what happened."

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