Unknown Girl

Once Apon A Time, there was a young 16 year old girl named Amelia, who had special powers of seeing into the futures and live an immortal life, living in a town by the ocean in England with her mother and her twin brother peacefully. But then one day, the small village was attacked by pirates. After the attack the only one who survived was her and her brother. Luckily a boy named Arthur saved her and her brother. After that she worked at Arthur's house to repay him. But the problem is that where ever she went there was some kind of accident. Soon she was considered a witch. After that she ran off to a far away place in a cottage on a mountain and lived her life there. People started looking for her all over the country mostly for the cash. They even killed her brother right infant of her. She now tries to live her life out of misery. Now the story that nobody ever knew begins.


8. Mother and Father

Alfed's POV

I never wanted to see Amelia sad like when Father was killed in a train explosion. I don't want her cheerful self go into depression again. It was when we were only about 5 years old. "Mother, where's Father? When will he come back? " We asked Mother with curious faces. Mother jumped up because she didn't notice us standing right behind her. She stared at us for a while and then crouched down beside us. She smiled gently and said " Father's at work. His boss just came and told me that he wouldn't be coming back for a long time. " It was pretty obvious that Mother looked like she was about to cry, but since we were still very young we didn't notice the fact that she looked like she was about to cry at all. " That's too bad... " We both disappointedly walked up the stairs, back to our room. Back then we used to have our own room. We sat on our beds and started having a discussion on where Father could be. At least Amelia was pretty positive about where Father could've been. " Maybe he's in rainbow land! " I giggled at her and that thought and replied, "And where exactly would that be?" Amelia thought about that for a while then just shrugged her shoulders. "How should I know?" We both laughed. Until we noticed where he actually went.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ' We were pretty stupid back then... ' When we finally noticed where Father went that's when Amelia changed. She stopped eating and talking. Before she even locked me out of her room. We could hear her crying every single day and night. At least that's how it felt like. Mother and I somehow managed to get her out of depression and luckily she changed to her normal, cheerful self. When we got her back to herself, that was one of my most happiest days ever. It as also the day I noticed I liked her. This is pretty sudden but Amelia is actually an adopted child. Mother always wanted two children. She found Amelia on the road and brought her back home. I think at that time I wasn't even able to stand up yet. Mother randomly made us twins and so we are a family right now. Well, used to be.                                                                                                                                                                  Mother actually got killed by the pirates. I saw it with my very own eyes. She was also the one who burnt the house down so that we wouldn't get killed by the pirates. I think she could've had a better way by waking us up before the pirates came into the village because she saw it by the sea, apparently. I wasn't awake by that time. But it as really unlucky for me that I woke up right when I heard Mother getting shot in the head by those assholes. I wish I could've helped her. But then who would help Amelia? I hugged her even tighter. Please don't die...

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