Unknown Girl

Once Apon A Time, there was a young 16 year old girl named Amelia, who had special powers of seeing into the futures and live an immortal life, living in a town by the ocean in England with her mother and her twin brother peacefully. But then one day, the small village was attacked by pirates. After the attack the only one who survived was her and her brother. Luckily a boy named Arthur saved her and her brother. After that she worked at Arthur's house to repay him. But the problem is that where ever she went there was some kind of accident. Soon she was considered a witch. After that she ran off to a far away place in a cottage on a mountain and lived her life there. People started looking for her all over the country mostly for the cash. They even killed her brother right infant of her. She now tries to live her life out of misery. Now the story that nobody ever knew begins.


7. I Can Not

We crawled out the house quickly and quietly so the pirates wouldn't find us and we won't end up in ashes. Actually, my reason why I want to get out of here was because I wanted to know where Mother was. It's weird that Mother wasn't with us... What if she was already... dead? I shivered at the thought. Mother is a strong lady so she wouldn't have died. That's what I believed.                   

---------------------------------------------                                                                                                                             We soon got out of the house only with luckily only with a few scratches. I got up and dusted off my dress. I just noticed but I was actually still in my nightgown... Crap. Alfred also got up and looked around to see if anybody was around. When he knew that nobody was around he grabbed my arm and started running for the woods nearby, where hopefully nobody would find us. We ran a few yards and got behind a huge tree, out of breath. I was exhausted from all that running. I sat down on the cold floor and looked up at Alfred. He also looked down at me. " So. What actually happened to Mother? " He seemed to tense up. I waited for an answer but he didn't dare say anything. " Alfred, I actually mean it. What happened to her? " Judging by the look on his face, I knew that he wasn't going to tell me anything. I felt anger rising inside me. ' Why can't you tell me? We're not children anymore. You can at least tell me about what happened to Mother. ' I clenched my fist and yelled at him, " Why can't you tell me anything?! I'm not a stupid, dumb, hopeless, young girl that always asked you to do everything anymore! You should trust me like when I trusted you! " I burst into tears and fell to the ground. Alfred looked at me sympathetically and hugged me like he always does when I'm feeling upset. " Sorry, sister. I can't... " I didn't like it at all how my very own brother was not trusting me. " Why not?! " He gently pat my hair. I usually liked it when he did that but I hated it right now. " I don't want to see you so upset like when you were little. " 

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