Unknown Girl

Once Apon A Time, there was a young 16 year old girl named Amelia, who had special powers of seeing into the futures and live an immortal life, living in a town by the ocean in England with her mother and her twin brother peacefully. But then one day, the small village was attacked by pirates. After the attack the only one who survived was her and her brother. Luckily a boy named Arthur saved her and her brother. After that she worked at Arthur's house to repay him. But the problem is that where ever she went there was some kind of accident. Soon she was considered a witch. After that she ran off to a far away place in a cottage on a mountain and lived her life there. People started looking for her all over the country mostly for the cash. They even killed her brother right infant of her. She now tries to live her life out of misery. Now the story that nobody ever knew begins.


1. Good Morning

I woke up just when the sun rose. I got up quietly so I didn't disturb my twin brother, Alfred. I tipee-toed  to the mirror. The floor creaked a lot. I sort of felt annoyed so I just walked normally walked up to the mirror. I grabbed the wooden comb on the table beside and then sat down on the cold floor. I started combing my messed up short blonde hair. " Ouch! " Then right behind me I heard a muffled voice. Obviously it was Alfred. His bright blue eyes looked at my eyes sleepily then got out of the bed and started walking up to me. He grinned at me then asked "Good morning, Amelia. Why are you up so early?" "Oh, I'm just up to help Mother. And I'm sorry I woke you up so early." He then replied, "It's fine! I was just getting up, too." I giggled. "Were you actually" Alfred looked up at the ceiling for a moment then he said "Nope." I started laughing even more. "Well then if you weren't you can still go back to bed." Alfred just kept looking at the ceiling. "I know. But I don't feel like it." He looked at me then smiled. "Should I help you with something?" I thought about it then said "Yes. Sure. How about you go feed the chickens. It's a pretty simple job. And the corns down stairs in the cupboard." " Yes, M'am! " He walked over to the stairs. "But I think you need to change first..." He turned around awkwardly. "Yah. I forgot..." I giggled. I stood up from the floor and walked over to the wardrobe. I grabbed my dress that was all the way down to my ankle. The dress used mostly used fabric of green, dark blue, and white. "Well I'll go change downstairs." Alfred was still looking through his wardrobe. "Ok."

When I went down the old stairs, Mother was already awake. "Good morning, Mother." She smiled at me kindly then replied, "Good morning, Amelia." I went to the storage room to change into my dress. I personally didn't like changing in the storage room because it was pretty dusty and dark. But I never actually had a choice.

A few minutes later I was finally able to get put of the dusty storage room. Alfred was already out there in a red shirt and a pair of jeans. I was a bit disappointed in what he was wearing. "What? It's not like we are going to a ball or something!" I stood there and then replied "Yes, but still don't you have better clothes?" "I'm going to change right after I finish feeding the chickens!" "Well then, good!" He looked down at the ground then mumbled " Jeez! "

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