The hidden wounds

Skylar Lowman is happy's daughter but he didn't know about her until she shows up at the clubhouse with a latter saying that she is his child an her mother was killed. What happens when her ex boyfriend goes after her an the person who killed her mother wants her dead as well? How well happy handle having a teenage daughter who don't listen to a thing he says an starts to fall for a son? follow skylar as she deals with her mothers death an trying to live with happy an the club


3. chapter 3

Ok guys heres chapter 3 I know last chapter was longer then the first one im going to try an make all the chapters long I if I can how do you like the story so far thanks are fixing to start moving better. we really kinda see a anter side of happy but who knows he might be this way if he had kids in the show but he dosnt an that kinda sucks tell me what you guys thank of it kozik well be in the next


Riding with Happy was a rush. Having the wind in my hair and face made me feel alive, like I was free from the binds that tied me to this cruel world. It's the best feeling I had since the day Mom was killed.

We rode for about 30 minutes just taking back roads when we finally came to a little place just outside of Charming. Happy stopped the bike and put the kick stand down. I got off and handed him the helmet. He took it and put it on the handle bars and got off too.

I walked a bit ahead and looked around. I was sitting on a cliff that overlooked the whole of Charming. The view was breathtaking. Happy came and stood beside me. One look at him now and there's no denying that he's really my father.

"This is amazing, Happy. How did you know this was here?" I asked, trying my best to not make this as awkward as I was feeling.

Happy turned to look at me, then he sat down on the edge of the cliff.

"Yeah, it is. I was a nomad before, so I keep on finding places like this. I brought your mother here a few times," he said, looking out over the cliff. I took a seat next to him. I guess we had to talk sooner or later. I was hoping it was later though.

"What does that mean?" I asked. "Being a nomad,that is. Mom never talked about this or the club. Whenever I asked her about my father, she would avoid the question saying I wasn't ready to know." I looked down, feeling uncomfortable. Talking about Mom made me remember the unpleasant memory of her dying. The pain was still new and raw.

"Being a nomad means I go from one place to another in a short amount of time. I don't stay in just one place. I have the open road before me and I go wherever I want to. And regarding your Mother, I'm sure she did that for a reason. I didn't know about you and I'm sure she didn't want me to be a part of your life," he said, looking at me for the first time since our serious conversation started.

I looked back at him.

"Happy, I know you didn't bring me here to have small talk. So, why don't you ask me the things you want to," I said, getting straight to the point. Not that I don't want to spend the time getting to know my father, I just wanted to get the painful shit out of the way immediately.

"Alright then. How did your mother die?"

My heart skipped a beat. He's kidding. He's going straight for the kill.

"Mom was..." I cleared my throat. "Mom was killed inside our house, in front of me. I don't know the names of the ones who did it," I said. The guilt that once consumed me came back.

"Are you telling me you were there when she was killed?" He asked, looking shocked and angry. I don't know who he's angry at, but I'm hoping it wasn't me.

"Yes, it was my fault she's dead," I said, feeling tears well up in my eyes. I find it easy to talk to him. I thought it would be hard since we just got to know each other, but it wasn't.

"What do you mean it's your fault she's dead? You had nothing to do with it. I read the letter, Skylar. They were coming after her that time, not you," he said, grabbing my hand with his own. His hand felt warm and rough.

"I fought back. I tried to get the gun but the other guy got it instead. He was fixing to shoot me when Mom ran in front of me and got hit," I said. The tears fell freely now. I can't hold them back even if I tried. I haven't had a lot of time to grieve over this and now talking about it made me hurt all over again.

"Listen to me, Skylar. None of this was your fault. Your mother died protecting you. I'm sorry you had to go through this. And, really, I'm not the best person to deal with feelings and sappy shit with you. We will get through this together."

I never even thought of how he must have felt. He is, after all, my father. And I'm pretty sure he loved my Mother too.

"There was nothing you could have done. They were armed. And you're living with us now, so you'll be safe. But there are rules and some things you must know," Happy said, looking me dead in the eyes.

"There's not much I can tell you. But if you get picked up for anything and asked about SAMCRO, tell them you don't know anything. We're just a bunch of Harley lovers that fix cars." I don't know why he would even tell me that. This is getting kinda weird.

Who would ask me?

"Okay, but what would I be picked up for? I don't even know what SAMCRO means," I said, looking at him like he's crazy.

"SAMCRO stands for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, and we're not just Harley lovers. We also do some illegal shit. That's all I can tell you until I can talk to Clay and ask how much information can be disclosed to you," Happy said, standing up and pulling me with him as well.

"Do I even want to know what it is you guys are doing? I'm pretty sure I'm all in on not knowing anything," I said. Happy looked at me like I grew two heads and another set of feet. Did he think I was crazy because I wasn't curious?

"I just told you we do illegal shit and you're not even the least bit curious to know something?" I shrugged. Happy shook his head.

"Alright. We still need to go over the rules, but we'll talk about that while we're eating. Let's go, I'm starving," He said, walking off to his bike.

Happy's not really all that bad to be with compared to what I initially thought. I followed after him and he handed me the helmet back. I put it on and got on the bike. As I put my arms around him, I felt secure. A first since Mom died.

We took off down the back roads and to the main roads again where we stopped at a little diner. Handing Happy his helmet back, I noticed that some guys were staring at me. I followed Happy inside and sat in front of him. A girl who looked to be in her twenties came over to us.

"What can I get you, handsome?" She asked, batting her eyelashes and not paying any attention to me.

That's my father you're flirting with, slut.

I suddenly had this uncomfortable feeling that I'm being stared at, and sure enough when I turned around I found the same group of guys staring at me. They're really creeping me out.

"I'll have a Coke. Skylar, what do you want?" Happy asked, looking pissed off. Maybe he knows about the guys' staring.

"A 7up please," I said, looking down. The girl wrote down our orders and walked off with an unnecessary sway on her hips.

"Um, Happy can I ask you about something?" I asked.

"Sure, kid. What is it?" Happy answered. Right when I was opening my mouth to ask him, the girl came back with our drinks.

"Have you already thought about what to eat?" She asked, her eyes trained on Happy. This girl is irritating me. Happy looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Burger with fries. Skylar?" Happy was now looking at me. And not knowing what I should get, I just copied him. The waitress left with our orders written down.

"I was wondering what I should call you. Do you want me to call you Dad or Happy?" I asked. He's looking at me with a raised brow, like he didn't really expect that question. He looked shocked actually.

"I guess Dad will be alright, unless you want to continue calling me Happy. Why?" He asked, taking a sip from his Coke.

"I just wanted to know. I don't want you freaking out if I called you the wrong thing. And I guess I'll stick to Dad," I said, taking a sip from my drink as well.

"We need to go over the rules now, Skylar," He said, looking me in the eyes. "It's very important that you follow them. I don't want you getting hurt and shit. You shouldn't be getting hurt with whatever stupid thing that you'll do."

He's kinda scaring me a little with how he's talking.

"Alright, what are these rules?" I asked. He looked scared for me. Like, something really bad was gonna happen. I waited for him to speak until the girl came back with our food.

"If you need anything else, let me know," she said, with a suggestive smile to my father. The more she came back, the more I disliked her.

"Always have a prepaid phone with you at all times, make sure no one can track it. I'll get you one, if you don't have. Always have a weapon of any sort with you. You never know when you're going to need it. Can you fight?"

I nodded, "That's not too bad. And yeah, Mom signed me up for kickboxing since I was, like, five." I took a bite out of my burger. It actually tasted so good.

"Good. I won't have to teach you how to fight. I'll get you a weapon, then." He sounded so casual, talking to his daughter about fighting and weapons. This is not normal. I mean, who carries around a weapon at a daily basis?

After finishing our food, we got up and Dad paid. Upon exiting the diner, I spotted the boys who were staring at me.

"Hey, nice tits, baby. Why don't you come and hang with the big boys?" One of them spoke up.

Before I can even react, Dad was already making his way to them. He grabbed the shirt of the guy and slammed him up the wall.


There's only one way to describe their faces: Scared shitless.

I guess Dad got his point across.

Way to go, Dad.

"So- sorry man. I didn't- didn't know she was yours," the guy stuttered. "Way too young for you, don't you think?"

That set Dad off. In one swift move, the guy was on the ground with my father beating the hell out of him. Punch after punch came raining down on his face. The guy's friends were just staring at the scene. Just like me. I can't really do anything though. A father's wrath is one monster I do not want to face.

"That is my fucking daughter, you asshole. You better keep your mouth shut before I blow holes into your body. Get the hell out of my sight or you won't live to see your grand kids," Dad growled, standing upright. The way he was acting kind of scared me. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of his anger. But the dude deserved it. Definitely deserved it.

He let the guy go with a shove then motioned me to the bike. He handed me the helmet, not saying anything.

We headed back to TM. I was glad when we arrived since I have a lot to think about. I followed Dad into the clubhouse, where Tig and Gemma were standing. Not knowing what I should do, I sat beside him on the couch where he was talking to a guy. One who has long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. His gaze immediately found me and he asked Dad who I was.

"Jax," Dad started. "This is my daughter Skylar."

The guy, Jax, almost got choked on the beer he was sipping. I guess Dad having a child is unbelievable. He looked at Dad then at me then back again, like he was waiting for some punch line or something.

"Hello, Jax. My name is Skylar," I said, holding out my hand. He shook it then sent Dad a funny look.

"Hello, darling. How are you?" He asked, smiling slightly. He's cute, I'll give him that.

"I'm good. How about you?" I asked, trying to be polite. This is my Dad's friend, after all.

A bunch of guys came into the room, Tig among them. When he saw me he yelled 'SKY' then walked over to me, pulling me to his side. The guys looked at Tig and me. Their stares made me feel self conscious.

Dad walked to the center of the room. "Everyone," Heads turned to look at him. "I would like you to meet my daughter, Skylar."

He held out his hand to me and I took it. He pulled me to his side, much like Tig. Everyone looked shocked, save for the ones who already knew: Jax, Tig and Gemma. Everyone seems to make it a big thing.

"Killa, we didn't know you had a kid," said a guy with an accent. He was tall with brown hair, gray showing here and there.

"Yeah, well I sure as hell didn't know about her until yesterday," Dad said. The guy approached me and I tensed. I felt wary now. I guess having my Mom get killed in front of me made me tense around other men other than Dad and Tig. Dad sensing this, held me tighter telling me it was okay.

"Well, lass. My name is Chibs. Nice to meet ya," the guy, Chibs, said. He held out his hand and I shook it.

Another guy came up to me. He had a Mohawk and lighting strips on his head. He looked me up and down, checking me out. I blushed under his gaze. Damn.

"Hi, I'm Juice. Nice to meet you," he said, bouncing on his feet. I guess he couldn't stand still.

The guy who came up to me next, had already graying hair but bright blue eyes. On his vest were the words 'President'.I don't know what it meant though. I felt kind of weird since I don't know this guy yet he's hugging me.

"Welcome to the family, baby girl." Family? I thought this was a club.

Honking could be heard outside and everyone walked out. Dad put me behind me while Tig stood beside him. A black car pulled up. That's all I can see since I can't really look over Dad's big build.

I peeked at the side and saw Gemma walk out of the car,-when did she disappear?- she ran to Jax and whispered something on his ear. He looked scared and pissed off. He all but ran to his bike, the other guy's close on his heel.

Dad pulled me back inside and I went to my room. I logged in to Facebook and played some games. A knock came from the door, and I looked up to see Dad standing there. He walked into the room and sat on the end of my bed, handing me a phone.

"I already put all the numbers you need in there. I'll update each month. Listen, Skylar, I don't really know how to raise someone. I'm sure, sooner or later, I'm gonna fuck everything up. But just know that I'll always be there to protect you no matter what. We are your family now, so don't be afraid to talk to any of us about anything."

I scooted over to him and hugged him. It felt so good to hug my father.

"Dad, what did Clay mean when he said I'm part of the family now? I thought this was a club?" I asked. He put his arms across my shoulders.

"The club is a family. They are my brothers not by blood, but by bond. You're my daughter so that makes you a part of this family," Dad said before he stood up. I gave him a questioning look.

"I got to go do something for the club. I'll be back later, but Tig is here. Don't get into any trouble." Then he left.

I got into bed, seen as it was already late. The club is my family, too. That made me happy since all this time it was just Mom and I. This is not going to be easy, but it'll be worth it. And with that, I fell asleep.

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