Warrior - A Micheal Clifford Fanfic

Joe Montes has always had it ruff in life. Starting when she was three she was mistreated and neglected. When she turned 18 she up and moved to Australia to start over. She was there two years when she was offered a great paying job doing what she loved. Little did she know that she would be working for one of the biggest bands on the planet. There will be love, loss, and heartache. Follow Joe as she learns that she is not as alone as she thinks.


3. Joe's Story

"I'm guessing you want to know about my past now. Don't you?" I looked up at them. They all nodded. "Okay. Well have a seat. This is a long story." They joined me and Luke on the bed.

"It all started when I was born. My parents weren't really together. They were just sleeping together. Well when my mom found out she was pregnant with me and told my father, he didn't believe her. She slept around a lot. Well after I was born my mom was staying with her mom's friend and always leaving me with her. Well before long the woman and her husband were raising me. They continued to raise me until I was three. Which is when my father came and took me to live with him. It was court ordered that I got to see them when ever they wanted me because they had raised me for so long. Well I was living with my dad, stepmother, and three half brothers. I was the second oldest and loved my brothers to death. But life wasn't that great. By the time I was six I had learned to take care of myself and my younger brothers, along with keeping the house clean and my grades good. When I turned 8 my older brother started to rape and sexually abuse me. Not long after he started the sexual abuse my step mother started the physical, mental, and emotional abuse. My dad was always gone working so he didn't know. Well the Halloween of my 13th birthday we went to visit my dad's brother's wife. We told everything that weekend. Except for the sexual abuse part. the next weekend we moved in with my aunt. Soon enough we ended up moving in with her sister and my soon to be new step mother. At first it was fun and I liked it. But then the mental and emotional abuse started again. She new better than to try to physically harm me. I would fight back or tell my father. Even though I told may dad I wasn't wanted be her family or her he didn't believe me. He sided with her. As always. It got bad one time. I had gone out of town with my dad and when I came back I didn't have anything but a mattress and a dresser in my room. They had tan everything from me. I wasn't even aloud to carry a bag for my school books. I had finally had it. I went to school and started using a 'friends' phone to talk to my mom. She was going to come and get me, but things started looking up. I got my phone back and was aloud to talk to family, so I started talking to my aunt. The summer between my freshman and sophomore years in high school, I was supposed to go spend about two weeks with her. So the Monday after school got out I flew to Las Vegas to meet her and spend the week there. When we got to her house in Salt Lake City she told me that I wasn't going back. Things were good for once. I was able to have fun and be a kid. After my 16th birthday things got bad again. I wasn't wanted by my family and I knew it. So when I turned 18 I moved in with my mom and stepdad to finish off my senior year. After I graduated I moved here. I only talk to my mom and stepdad and a few other people from my old life. I go and visit every month so that I can visit my Pop and Reasy's graves. they passed when I was 17. They were the only ones who liked me for me and really wanted me around. If it wasn't for them. I would still be living with my family and suffering the neglect. Without them, I wouldn't be living my dream. I love them dearly." When I finished I looked at the sad and confused boys sitting in front of me. "What is today?"

"Its the 22 of March. Why?"

"I have to go home today. This is when I usually visit," I say standing up and grabbing my duffel bag to start packing. "I will see you when I get back guys."

"No. We are going with you. I want to meet your family. And be there for you when you visit the grave site," Luke said going to his room, I'm guessing to pack.

*At The Airport*

"You guys can come but you aren't buying my ticket."

"We don't have to buy a ticket. One of the biggest bands on the planet remember? We have a private jet," Micheal stated laughing.

"Lets go. We need to get going if we are going to be able to be back in a few days for the start of the tour."

We load up on the jet and take our seats. I sit next to a window and put my headphones on playing my music and drifting to sleep.

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