Through the dark

Brittany is a 17 year old girl! She is British and american bit lives with an american accent.. Later she meets Zayn Malik and has no idea what is ahead of her! Little does she know she has a very bright future


1. why don't we go there

Your POV. I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing "hello?" I asked "Hey Brittany it's Becca" Becca was my best friend. I haven't talked to her since 2 years back! "Hey Becc what's up? Are u okay? How are you? Talk to me!" I said overly exited " Calm down! I wanted to know if you'd like to go clubbing tonight! And yes I'm okay and I'm doing very fine! We haven't talked for a while so I wanted to hang out!" She said "Sure of course!" I said "okay so its 8 right now I'll pick you up at nine okay!?" She asked "yes I'll see you then... Bye!" I hung Up " Who was that!?" Luke said, Luke was my step brother! His dad married my mom, my biological dad died of cancer then my mom met Andrew Hemmings And I guess months later he asked her to marry him! But sadly they both died in a car accident a fee months back! So now I live with my brother Luke Hemmings, my Australian brother and me his American/British sister, I had an american accent "Luke do you have no manners!?" I asked "Sorry! Back to myquestion!" He said "Becca!" I said "oh so whats up with her?" He asked " we're going clubbing!" I said "ohh!! Well when you come back Ashton Calum and Michael will be here there staying for a few nights!" He smiled at me " okay! Hey make yourself useful and help me pick a dress!" I said " hmm... How about... This one! Its sexy and with the body you have it'll look perfect here try it on!" He said, he was right the dress was perfect it was a short tight tube strapless dress it looked perfect on me I loved it "how does it look!" I asked " Your gonna attract to many guys... Uhh I'll be right back something happened in my pants!" He said running out, my eyes widened as I saw I gave him a boner! I giggled! The clock hit nine and there was a sudden knock on the door! I walked out my room and heard Luke moaning, I cracked the door to his room open and saw him jacking off! I quickly closed the door, I walked down stairs to open the door "BECCA!!" I Yelled hugging her " You look amazing Britt wow!!" She said"Hey thanks you look hot yourself!" I chuckled "well shall we!" She said "we shall!" I said **At the club** We entered the club! Hours later we took a few drinks but weren't as tipsy yet! We got on the dance floor and danced of course!! But then we bumped into one of our old friends "Oh my god Hey Brittany you look so beautiful!!" Mayreen said.. I really didn't like her cause everything I had she wanted.. She even tried to take my brother from me!! "Uhm thanks Mayreene!" I said coldly "Can I join you girls!" She asked "Umm actually no-" "sure u can!!" Becca cut me off and gave me that -be nice- look.. I just nodded my head.. The song salute came on by little mix, I thought I spotted Perrie Edwards around here but I was probably just imagining it until I heard a cute little British voice "mind if I join! I'm Perrie!!" She said smiling. We just stood quiet "Edwards?" She said. Still stood there. "From little mix?" She said "Ahh! Of course u can join!" I finally say Cmon let's dance to it!" She said "Cmon Becca do u know the dance!?" I asked, she noded the DJ paused the song "Hold on people we got these 4 beautiful ladies dancing here maybe they can sing it too come on up and grab your microphones ladies!" He said, good thing me Janey and Becca knew how to sing but we had no idea about Perrie Edwards, Wait a second she's from little mix duh!! Ahh this is perfect we grabbed the microphones and waited for the song to restart we danced and sang I sang Perrie's parts Perrie sang Leigh-Ann's Mayreen Sang jades and Becca sang Jessy's **After the dancing and singing** "Hey I'm sorry I have to go I can't take you home Brittany its an emergency im sorry!" Becca said running out the club 'Shit' I thought to self. I walked out the club and into the street! I saw this cute guy standing against the stop sign he was wearing a white shirt with a leather jacket on top he had black skinny jeans on ,he was wearing some vans and had a quiffed hair style I walked past him hoping nothing Bad would happen! I must have bad luck! He grabbed my arm and turned me around! He looked at me, with his hazel brown eyes " hello baby doll!" He said, I looked at him scared and swallowed hard, I tried to escape his grip but it just got tighter around my hand "Where do you think your going baby doll!?" He said, he pulled me towards a black Bentley continental car wow we must be from the same money.. I threw me in the passenger seat "where are you taking me!" I whispered "Somewhere!" He said. We finally pulled up to a 5Star restaurant it was Fancy! We walked inside the waitress guided us to a table for 2! I took a seat and he took a seat in front of me "I'm Zayn!" He said, I flashed a quick slight smile "I have to go to the restroom, I'll be back!" I said and quickly got up I power walked to the restroom. I quickly looked in the mirror I got out and made sure he wasn't looking "Hey you! If that cute guy over there asks you if you've seen me just say you have no idea what he's talking about!" I said "Sure!" She said "thanks!" I said running out the place. I walked to his car, I had left my phone in there, I tried opening the door 'damn' it was locked! Great what am I going to do now! I can't wait till he gets out! Damn it, he's out of the restaurant, he looked up and saw me he quickened his steps! I quickly took my heels off and started running I had no idea where I was going I turned to look back and he was running after me! I've got to admit he looks pretty hot when he runs and he's a fast runner! I started running faster. Out of nowhere I turned back around and ran back the other way tricking him making him get tired. I was getting tired my self. But I had to keep going.. Damn it! He finally caught up he grabbed my arm making me spin, his grip was really tight around me I struggled to get out of his grip.. He dragged me back to his car "Get in!" He yelled. I got in the car. He drived at the speed of 80mph "Why did you run!?" He yelled, I stayed quiet "Answer me Damn it!" He said Slamming his hands on the steering wheel! He looked Scarry when he was mad "Why won't you answer me!" He yelled he grabbed my phone and dialed a number then his phone started ringing he typed something on my phone then on his! He threw my ¡phone5s at me "You know I've been spying on you for a while and I think your very beautiful!" He said in a calmer voice I looked at him with a surprised face! Oh so now he knows where I live damn it! Finally we got to my house. I got out his car quickly "Baby doll!?" He said I turned around "Next time you might wanna close your curtains before you change!" He said winking at me! I turned around and walked to my door. Then I heard a honk, I turned around and it was Zayn he winked and blew me a kiss! I knew nothing about this boy but he knows so much about me! I Walker in my house and heard my brother and his friends singing "You look so perfect standing there In my American Apparel underwear And I know now, that I'm so down Your lipstick stain is a work of art I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart And I know now, that I'm so down!" I loved that song they wrote I walked up stairs and I had 10 unread messages then I saw Zayn added himself as a contact on my phone as babe(Zayn) I just left it like that his messages read *I'm sorry about tonight* *Can you forgive me* *please* *don't be mad* *text me* *hey* *why won't you text me* *call me* *please call* * I know you've always wanted to go on a boat date so why don't we go there. We'all take a ride out in the cold air! I'll pick you up at 7pm* He's quite the texter! I decided to give him a call "hello?" He asked "hey its" " I know who it is!" He cut me off "I never got to introduce my self I'm Brittany!" I said "yeaah!" He said "well you wanted me to call you so what do you want!?" I ask "well I already text it to you!" He said "okay well bye-" " wait!" He cut me off again "what is it!?" "Good night!" He said I smiled "Goodnight Zayn!" I said and hung up the phone! He was right! Why don't we go there!!
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