Death to the characters

Basically what it says in the tin. Give me one of your characters and I'll write a death scene for them.. They can be from any of the fandoms below.... Please write the name of the person (preferably full name) and where they come from...

Hunger games
Percy Jackson
Heroes of olympus
Kane chronicles
Secret of the sirens
Lord of the rings
The Pegasus series. (By Kate O'hearn)

If you have any other favourite characters let me know who they are and where the are from, I'll see if I know it and whether I can do it...


8. Tobias Eaton

The cold wind whipped through the cavern and bit harshly at my skin. All I could see was her, her smile, her eyes, her face, her touch. It had been four years now. Still I couldn't move on. The silence between me and her brother was unbearable. So I left, went back and now i'm stood here, facing the endless cavern, on the brink of life and death.

The me that she loved, there was none of that left now. She broke me, that day when she took her brothers place. The day Caleb should have died. She was so close, so close. But it was too late, and in that moment, I shattered. Tobias, the man she had loved, dissipated from the earth, that day, he died with her. And only the hard outer shell of Four was left.

Maybe, just maybe, if I could do this, just one step, I could show her I was brave, I could be with her and show her that I am who I used to be. When she left I ceased to be brave. I ceased to care about the wellbeing of others. I ceased to exist. If I could just make it back to her, if I could just reach her, then maybe I could fix it.

So that was all it took, one step and all long fall down to the new adventure. To the unknown plain of death, of which I was about to discover. Just like Al did all those years ago. He was praised for his bravery and courage. I guess it was fitting that this would be my end, along with the other dauntless divergents. The final words I uttered were those of our motto as I neared the bottom of the chasm, "Be Brave"

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