Death to the characters

Basically what it says in the tin. Give me one of your characters and I'll write a death scene for them.. They can be from any of the fandoms below.... Please write the name of the person (preferably full name) and where they come from...

Hunger games
Percy Jackson
Heroes of olympus
Kane chronicles
Secret of the sirens
Lord of the rings
The Pegasus series. (By Kate O'hearn)

If you have any other favourite characters let me know who they are and where the are from, I'll see if I know it and whether I can do it...


1. Thankyou!

Thanks for reading this movella, please comment the characters otherwise I can't do this movella, even if it is your favourite charcter that you don't want to die it's still interesting to see how they may go... So please please please comment and show all of your lovely fans!! Thankyou all so much

And enjoy :)

~da bexter

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