Death to the characters

Basically what it says in the tin. Give me one of your characters and I'll write a death scene for them.. They can be from any of the fandoms below.... Please write the name of the person (preferably full name) and where they come from...

Hunger games
Percy Jackson
Heroes of olympus
Kane chronicles
Secret of the sirens
Lord of the rings
The Pegasus series. (By Kate O'hearn)

If you have any other favourite characters let me know who they are and where the are from, I'll see if I know it and whether I can do it...


3. Hazel Levesque : heroes of olympus

"Breath, come on breath. Curse the gods! Why won't you just breath" Franks temper was beyond my control now. The fire was raging all around us and if he didn't leave soon he would die too. His stick, his life would crumble... I managed to lift my hand to his cheek. The spear embedded into my side didn't help. I wanted him to stop, turning his head he looked me in the eyes. I could see the recognition in his face of what I was implying. His whole demeanour dropped. He buried his head into my stomach and then lept up, letting out a great howl.

"Please, Frank, don't.." I could barely manage a whisper. He crouched again by my side and took my hand. I knew I wasn't going to make it, he knew as well. He just had to accept it. Then with a fowl swoop he lifted me up, carrying me in his arms he darted around the area, trying to find a way out of this furnace. "If we can just get you some ambrosia..." His voice was covered by the deafening roar of the flames.

It was getting hotter, and I could feel myself getting paler. The blood was barely coming out of my side now, it had been gushing before. This time, it wasn't a good sign.. I had lost way too much blood. I felt like a dead weight in Franks arms. Being unable to properly move my limbs, I lay there, the smoke and flames whirled around me into a mass of abstracted colours. It was beautiful. Maybe that was what we found in death, the true beauty of our world.

I knew my time was now rapidly drawing to a close I had a barely a minute, so I drew in a breath as deep as I could muster and let out a small whisper "I love you Frank." And then looked up. Sammy was holding out his hand, my mother stood tentatively behind him. Taking his hand I followed them, down a long winding path full of flowers and streams, all the way... To Elysium.

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