Black & Blue

Story 1: Kosuke is a young aspiring artist in the city of Tokyo. Soon he is approached by his sisters costar, Raiden. Kosuke is surprised when Raiden says that he wants to be Kosuke's muse for painting and wants Kosuke to paint him - only him. Story 2: Yukari is the lead actress on a hit T.V. show. She's rich, famous, young and they only problem is the director. Yukari has fallen head over heels for her married T.V. director, Tsuki. What happens when Yukari finally confesses her love for him?


3. New Character!



Shin Fujioka   



Hey guys! This is a new character that will be coming into the story soon. Thanks for reading and please feel free to give me some CC, I'd really appreciate it. The next chapter is coming up real soon!! Bye! (:



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