Black & Blue

Story 1: Kosuke is a young aspiring artist in the city of Tokyo. Soon he is approached by his sisters costar, Raiden. Kosuke is surprised when Raiden says that he wants to be Kosuke's muse for painting and wants Kosuke to paint him - only him. Story 2: Yukari is the lead actress on a hit T.V. show. She's rich, famous, young and they only problem is the director. Yukari has fallen head over heels for her married T.V. director, Tsuki. What happens when Yukari finally confesses her love for him?


5. Details to Details

        I let my pencil glide across the page in my sketch book with ease. Yukari and Raiden were sitting beside each other reading over a few pages of the script that Raiden had brought over. They looked so perfect as they sat together, so I decided what better opportunity than now to get some art work in. I hadn’t done any drawing since I moved in because I was so busy. So, why not?

        As I sat in the chair across form them, I smoothed the shading around Raiden’s lips and noticed how defined I had drawn them. I glanced up, he was talking and I could see the contour of his lips as specific as I had drawn them. He looked so serious when he was working. I could see the irritation in his eyes when he didn’t get the lines right or Yukari messed up. He pursed his lips together as Yukari said sorry for the fifth time.

        Don’t get me wrong, Yukari is an amazing actress, I think she’s just flustered because she’s behind on rehearsals. Like Raiden said, she’s been out a while. But, that’s not her fault; I’m the one she’s helping getting moved in.

        I focus on Raiden again and try as hard as possible to count the number of eye lashes he had. For some reason, I found myself getting really in-depth with my drawing of him. He was rather fun to look at. But, I wasn’t about to let him know that by only drawing him in the picture. I was beginning to make out the outline of Yukari when I looked back up at them and saw that they were no longer sitting on the couch.

        My eyebrows furrowed.

        “Kosuke, you haven’t drawn me yet,” I jumped at the sudden voice behind my ear. I turned around to see Raiden on my left and Yukari on my right. She had her lower lip in the pouting position and was glaring at me with playful anger.

        I hurry to come up with an explanation. “Sorry, I always start from the left.”

        A sly smile curled its way up Raiden’s lips. I frown. “Fine, but I want you do draw a portrait of me one day. All of the queens and kings have, so I want one two,” Yukari said smiling. I nod. “Well, I think I need a break from all of this work talk. Tea, anyone?”

        Raiden and I nod. Yukari skips into the kitchen, leaving me and Raiden alone.  He bends down and whispers in my ear. “You’ll have to do a portrait of me, too,” He said, I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck as he spoke. My face burned as he came and sat across from me on the couch once more. “But, for now, you can just finish the one you already started.” He smiled.

        I smile back, my eyes narrowing. I rip the page out of my sketch book and ball up his picture, tossing it at his feet. “I think it’s done now.” I say then stand. As I walk away I ball my fists knowing that I just threw away one of the most detailed pictures I’ve ever drew.

        Oh well, he’s too much of an ass to have such a good looking face.


*It's not much, but it's something. Sorry for not updating!*


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