It's Her Fault

Vanessa's been a belieber since the very beginning and like any adoring fan she wishes to meet Justin but knows it could never happen...or so she thinks. She's a caring person who only sees the best in others and does her best to always make things right, which is why she tries so hard to solve the conflict placed in her path. So will she find a solution?...or..have to live the rest of her life with a broken heart knowing Its Her Fault?


2. Is he flirting ?

I felt bad for betting on Justin, but hey my friends need to learn not to question a belieber when it comes to Justin. We know what we're talking about. 

We walked over to where Justin was and I swear I was about to cry. I guess Justin heard us coming because he turned around. I saw his face and my eyes practically popped out of my head. 

He took off his sunglasses and smiled that gorgeous smile of his. I ended up running into his arms and crying. I told you I was gonna cry. I just stood their for a bit hugging him tight and crying into his chest. When we pulled apart he smiled  and wiped away my tears. 

I was so freakin happy right now. I turned to my friends who were just standing there in our shock. I was in front of Justin Bieber right now. OMG. Ok,ok breathe Vanessa breathe, and don't say or do anything stupid. 

Justin: Hi sweetheart what's your name?

Did he just call me sweetheart. OMG

Vanessa: I'm Vanessa 

Justin: Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Nice to meet you Vanessa. 

Did he seriously call me beautiful. Ahhhh. Is he flirting with me. Nah. He's dating Selena. I got nothing to worry about. I'm probably as red as a tomato right now. Yay. (Please sense my sarcasm). Please god don't let anyone notice my redness.

Justin: Awe, are you blushing?

Gah. Why'd he have to notice. 

I stared at my feet

Justin: Don't worry. It's ok , don't be embarrassed it's cute. 

HE'S FLIRTING. Not good. He has a girlfriend I have a boyfriend. Ok Vanessa, don't.over.react.

Maybe he's just being sweet. 

Vanessa: Thnx,it's nice to meet you too and these are my best friends , Elysia,India and my cousin Verenice. 

All: Hi,it's nice to meet you 

Justin: Nice to meet all of you

I was still crying just holding back lots of tears.

Justin: awe don't cry. Your suppose to be happy. Not sad. 

Vanessa: I'm not sad it's just ,I love you so much. I've been waiting my whole life to meet you. 

I was bawling my eyes out now and I probably looked terrible. He hugged me and calmed me down. I honestly don't know how the person who is making me freak out and cry manages to calm me down. 

Then Justin asked us if we wanted to hang out in his bus. How freakin cool is that. So we started walking to his bus. Verenice was talking to Justin. She started crying and I could make out when she said Thank You Justin. She hugged him. Justin ran his hand up and down her back. Wonder what that was about. 





Then Justin walked over to me and smiled at me. He put his arm around my waist as we talked and hugged me and then kissed the top of my head. Weird. 

Vanessa: What was that for?

Justin: What was what for?

Vanessa: The kiss on my head

Justin: Oh that. It was just a friendly gesture

Vanessa: Oh,ok

I smiled at him.

When we got to Justin's bus it was just like I thought it would be,big and full of Justin's favorite things. There was a T.V a couch an Xbox and all Justin's favorite games. We played Just dance and I have never had so much fun just hanging out with someone. He's so cool and funny. Funnier than I thought he was. He's even sweeter,down to earth and kinder than I imagined. I love him even more. He's just really fun to be around. We talked about how excited we were for his show. We told him about the meet and greet and we just got to know him more. It was fun. Then Justin asked us if we wanted to go back stage with. We had a good amount of time until the M&G. So we said yes and followed him out the bus and backstage. 




Ooh,what were Justin and Verenice talking about and was Justin really flirting with Vanessa or was he just being sweet. Hope you guys liked this update,sorry it took so long. Anyways if you want to be notified when I update please become a fan.

I was thinking about doing a question of the day too so here's today's question. If  Justin flirted with you while your both dating someone how would you react? What would you do?

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