Peace of Mind

Grace gets a shock of reality and finds her world turned upside down again. A nasty line of break ups and the betrayal felt by men have left her bitter. Will she ever be able to love again? Or will the farm hand break her distrust of men?
Find out when bush man Jack inters the picture.

*Christian based, this is a romance some PDA is to be expected and optional light cursing, was originally rated Y but isn't right now, may change it back later on in the story*

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2. 2-The Abridged Time


Five years later


In the past five years Grace had focused her energy on her work. Committing herself to animals who unconditionally loved anyone. As for her days off she remained a hermit to everyone except for showing up to church.

Grace at 25 years old, now owned a farm and took in any little critter that needed help or a home. Days were long on her small farm but the reward was worth it. Only recently did the work begin to overwhelm Grace and she began thinking of hiring a extra help. The fences needed to be mended and the barn painted as well as the feeding and care of the numerous animals on the farm. The list went on and on. Grace really enjoyed the husbandry but the farm was out of shape after the stormy winter. It was either get help or put off helping the little critters on the farm until the list of things to do were done.

The next day Grace put an add in the newspaper for help wanted. Days went on as normal on the farm. Grace tried to cram as much work as she could into every waking moment. At night Grace fell on her bed fully clothed, fatigued and worn out with a quick prayer asking God for help and direction- she drifted off to sleep.


The next week, Grace was doing her feeding rounds and was presently feeding a permanent resident cat named Julius. The cat kept rubbing Grace's legs when the phone began to ring.

"Oh Julius, sorry buddy. Just a moment." She scrambled for the phone while juggling the cat food. "This is Miracle Farm. My name is Grace, how may I help you?"

"Hello," the deep male voice answered. "My name is Jack Engles. I'm answering your add for farm help."

"Oh! Oh yes. I run a small farm by myself and I'm looking for another person to help run the farm and look after the animals. Does that sound like anything you are interested in Mister Engles?" Grace asked.

"Yes." He answered. "Many of my friends would say I'm a bush man and a bit of a handyman nomad."

" A Bush man?" Grace was unfamiliar with the term. Julius started yowling for his food at her feet.

"Yes ma'am, bush meaning I spent most of my life in the wild. If it's possible I would like to work for you on your land and I wouldn't ask much for pay. As well, I don't partake in drinking and disrespecting women folk." His deep voice was persuasive.

"Okay, I'll give you a chance."

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