Boy In The Mirror

Pain. Love. Friendship. Revenge. Threatening. Tears. Knowledge.
"I'll show you!!!"
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Theme song: Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Other Side


8. Ch 7πŸ‘»

Ch 7

Louis's POV

I can't believe I told her what really happened. She is the only person I've ever told that to. She had to know though. I mean it is her house and she is my best friend. But now what is going to happen?

Dakota's POV

Wow. I'm in shock! I never knew about Louis doing any of those things. Wow. That's all I can really say. But wait....if it was Louis doing all those things then why is that Harry thing threatening me? It makes no since. "Wait if you did all that then why is it threatening me?" I ask. "I don't really know Dakota." He replied. I'm so confused. I can't take all of this. It's way to much for me to handle. It wasn't till just now I realized I had tears falling down my face. I wiped them away and looked towards Louis. He was silently crying with his head in his hands. I felt bad for him. He didn't know that all of that would happen, that's why I didn't blame him for any of that. Just then snapping me out of my thoughts the lights turned back on. Finally

Harry's POV

So the truth comes out. He can't possibly act like he is innocent. Him and Zayn are the reason that I'm dead! I hate both of them. I was already determined to get this girl out of my home but now that he is here I'm even more determined! And I am gonna make things worse for him so he feels the pain I felt my high school life. I'll get my revenge. That's a promise. He doesn't know what I'm capable of. He doesn't know who I truly am. Because I'm much much more than just the

The Boy In The Mirror.

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