Boy In The Mirror

Pain. Love. Friendship. Revenge. Threatening. Tears. Knowledge.
"I'll show you!!!"
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6. Ch 5πŸ‘»

Ch 5

Previously on TBITN (The Boy In The Mirror)

Harry's POV

I walked into the room and.....she wasn't there. I did here her talk to someone on the phone. I got some pretty good ideas for later. I'm determined to run her out of my home and soon!

Dakotas POV

I quickly got dressed and left. I'm still in shock after what I said. I am very scared of that thing still. I've been driving for 20 minutes thinking about this thing. Suddenly I snapped back to reality when I heard a car horn honking at me. Oh CRAP!!! I forgot that I was at a red light and that it finally turned green. I drove embarrassed of my daze I had been in. Just now I pulled up to Louis's house. It was really nice. It was as big as mine but looked nicer. I turned off the car stepping out slowly walking to his door. I knocked. No reply. I knocked again. No reply. I started to get frustrated. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON get you carrot loving bum out here!" I yelled. Seconds later a shirtless wet haired Louis walked out with a towel around his waist. God he was sexy. Okay I'll admit I have a crush on Louis but nothing will ever happen. He was also my first kiss. I'll explain that later. "Hey love. I've missed you." He said pulling me in for a hug. "Louis your getting me wet" I say smiling. "I know." He day with a devious grin. "Come in love and I'll make tea." He says opening the door wider for me. "Thanks a lot Louis. And what are you doing up this early?" I ask. "I couldn't sleep. I should be asking u the same thing?" He says walking to the kitchen with me trailing behind. "Something weird is going on in my house." I day getting a little upset at the memory. "Really like what?" He ask curiously. "Well first my mirror breaks and I go to get a broom and when I come back it says 'I'll show you!!!' And them I go to sleep on the couch and I wake up and go to the bathroom and see a boy in the mirror. Then the tv turns on and off. And lastly it wrote me a note after I texted you saying 'Get out! This is MY home! Not yours!! Don't believe me? I'll show you!'" I say a small tear rolling down my face. "Wow that's scary. Describe the boy in the mirror." He says now interested in the conversation than before. "Umm why? How is that going to help out?" I ask raising my eyebrow in confusion. "Well you never know I might have seen the person on the news or something." He says. True. " well he had brown curls and piercing green eyes. He was pretty tall. And he was wearing all black." I say. Louis's facial expression change completely. "Do u mind if we go to your house now. I want to see what is going on!" He demanded. What is wrong with him. I should be the upset or mad one. "Uh I guess so." I say.

~25 minutes later~

We finally made it back to my house and got out of the car. Louis has been acting weird. I'm not even sure why. He quickly got my keys from and and sprinted to my doorstep unlocking the door. He walked in the house and ran upstairs. He walked to my room and gasped. Wait how did he know which room was mine? This is weird. I walked beside him while he was holding yet another note. "What does it say?" I ask scared. He looked back with tears in his eyes. What is going on with this guy? I should be the one crying! I'm the freaking one getting threatened by a ghost.

Louis's POV

It's him! I just know it is!

Harry's POV

I wrote another note. I'm still trying to scare her until she leaves! Wait is that who I think it is beside her? No it can't be!! I won't be. I HATE him!

A/n: UH OH!!!! What is going on? Why does Harry hate him. Tell me what you think! And sorry for the late update:(

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