Boy In The Mirror

Pain. Love. Friendship. Revenge. Threatening. Tears. Knowledge.
"I'll show you!!!"
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Theme song: Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Other Side


3. Ch 3πŸ‘»

Ch 3πŸ‘»

I opened the door scared of what I might see. I had no choice but to go in there because I laid my clothes on my bed and I had to change because I will not go to Louis's looking like this.

I waked through the doorway to my room. There wasn't any damage to the room. I walked over to the bed and saw a note. Hmmm what's going on? I picked it up to read it. 'Get out! This is MY home! Not yours!! Don't believe me? I'll show you!' A tear rolled down my face. I was scared. "Why?" Is all I managed to choke out. What did it mean by 'I'll show you!'? What was it? Why did it have to be so mean? I had so many questions. Maybe Louis would help me.

?'s POV

That'll show her. Maybe I was being mean but I had no choice. But I had to admit I was being mean. No. This is my home. She deserves to be scared. I might just be a ghost but this is still my home. Not hers! I ignored the mental battle going on in my head. I Harry Edward Styles will not feel guilty for some random girl taking my home. I wouldn't hurt her physically. Just scare her. I had to admit she was beautiful. But that is no reason to take my home.

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