Boy In The Mirror

Pain. Love. Friendship. Revenge. Threatening. Tears. Knowledge.
"I'll show you!!!"
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Theme song: Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Other Side


2. Ch 2πŸ‘»

Ch 2πŸ‘»

Dakota's POV

After I finished eating I heard something break. I quickly ran upstairs to see what the noise was. I walked into my room to find a shattered mirror. What happened? It couldn't have fallen. I ran downstairs and grabbed a broom and ran back upstairs. I went in my room and was was all broken but the pieces were together and it had 'I'll show you!!!' written in red. Who did this? And why? All I knew was I wasn't going to sleep in this room tonight! I grabbed my stuff not bothering to clean up the shattered mirror. I ran downstairs and laid on the couch. I pulled the blanket over me and drifted off into a deep sleep.


I woke up and checked the clock. It was exactly midnight. Why did I wake up? Ugh. I sleepily walked to the bathroom and checked my reflection, god I look terrible! I quickly attempted to fix my hair when I saw something strange then I stopped and stared at it. It looked like a boy. I must really been tired to think I see a boy I'm my mirror. I better go back to sleep. Because now I am seeing a boy in my mirror. This has been a really weird day. I walked out of my bathroom and laid back down on the couch turning off the lamp and praying. After about five minutes I finally fell back to sleep.


I woke up again to the tv being turned on. Wait WHAT?! I never even turned on the tv earlier. And I didn't roll over on the remote because the remote was lying on top of the tv. I walked over hesitantly to the tv and was about to press the power button when it turned off. I didn't even press the button. What is going on? I quickly picked up my phone and called my mom. She could always help me feel better. Wait no I'll just call my sister Mia.

(M-Mia D-Dakota)

πŸ“±M: What the heck Dakota? Why are you calling me so dang early?

πŸ“±D: Mia. I'm scared, something weird is going on!

πŸ“±M: What do you mean?

πŸ“±D: Well first my mirror shatters and I walk to get the broom and when I come back it says 'I'll show you!!!', then I see a boy in my bathroom mirror, lastly I wake up and the tv turned on so I go to turn it off and it turns off before I can even press the power button.

πŸ“±M: Well call the person who sold you the house and ask them.

πŸ“±D: I don't even have that guys number.

πŸ“±M: Well what is the guys name?

πŸ“±D: Umm Zayn I think.

πŸ“±M: Oh Zayn Malik! I know him. Why would you buy a house from him?

πŸ“±D: Well because it's a nice house. Duh. What's wrong with him?

πŸ“±M: Well he's scary. He has a lot of tattoos and is just really scary.

πŸ“±D: No he isn't. Well anyway I need to go call him I just remembered I have his number. Bye sis.

πŸ“±M: Bye. Let me know what happens.

πŸ“±D: Okay I will.

(End if phone call)

I hung up and walked across the room to the drawers and looked through them. Once I had finally found his number I grabbed it and walked over to my phone dialing the number.

(Z-Zayn D-Dakota)

Z: Hello. Who is this and why are you calling so early?

D: Sorry. I just really need to talk to you about something.

Z: Well you couldn't wait till later? And you never told me who you were.

D: Oh this is Dakota.

Z: Oh. Now what do you need love?

D: Something weird is going on in this house you sold me.

Z: Um Um got to go. Bye

D: Wait.

(End of phone call)

Ugh why did he hang up like that? He must know something is going on and doesn't want to talk about it because he will get in trouble for selling me a haunted house.

What am I supposed to do? Because I'm most certainly not staying here the rest of the night. I guess I'll just go to one of my friends house for a few hours and maybe when I figure everything out I'll come back. Wait no. It's 4:45 by now. And I know none of my friends will be up. Well maybe Louis will be. I'll just text him because he lives here in England. I pulled out my phone and texted him. 'Hey Lou:) u up?' Now just to wait for a reply.

(5 minutes later)

'Yeah. Want 2 come over?' I read it and decided to text back. 'Yeah. I need to talk to some1 right now' I texted back and ran upstairs. The one place I dreaded to be at the moment. What if this thing attacks me? I hesitantly put my hand on the doorknob to my room. DING. I jumped at the sound. Then realizing it was my phone I unlocked my phone and checked my messages. 'Sounds nice:) hurry over' is what Louis texted back. He was always such a good friend. Him and I have been friends since seventh grade. But he moved away back to Doncaster. I really have missed him.

Suddenly realizing I was still in front of the door to my room I put my hand on it and opened the door.

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