Boy In The Mirror

Pain. Love. Friendship. Revenge. Threatening. Tears. Knowledge.
"I'll show you!!!"
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20. Ch 13πŸ‘»

Ch 13πŸ‘»

Dakotas POV

"We have to talk to Zayn, he deserves to be punished." I say angrily. "Yeah but how?" Liam asks.

I walk outside and go to my car. I'm going to talk to Zayn.

(1 hr later)

I finally found Zayn. I got him to come to the café, so me and him could talk. It's just me and him. I plan on asking about the Harry situation.

"So tell me about what happened and why you did it?" I ask. "I'm not fucking telling you!" He says rudely. "Please. Just tell me why?" I plead. "No. I don't plan on telling you. So now if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do!" He says getting up and walking out. Well that didn't go as planned.

Zayn's POV

I walked out angrily. It's none of her business on what happened. I got in my car and drove. I have no idea where I'm going, but I know it's going to be far away from here.

Harry's POV

Revenge. I'll get my revenge on him. Very soon.

Zayn's POV (sorry I'm switching it up so much lol)

I've been driving for hours. I haven't get anywhere to stay, I don't know where I am, and I'm pissed. Can this get any worse? Probably not.

I continued to drive as I cried. The guilt began to get worse. Anyway, I looked in the mirror above my head and saw something strange. Then I realized what it was, or to be exact who it was.


He looked at me and smirked, then mouthed the word 'Revenge'. Then the wheel began to spin back and forth without me even touching it. I started freaking out. I looked and saw we were heading straight for another car. CRASH!!!!! Everything goes black. The last thing I saw was Harry's face. Then it all goes black.

Dakota's POV

After Zayn left, I went back to my house. I'm pissed at him. Why did he refuse to tell me? I turn on the tv to distract me from the stressful day. Louis is asleep. Liam is gone, and Niall is on the phone. Niall runs I'm the room. "Zayn was in a wreck. He died Dakota!!!!" Niall panics. "What? But, I just saw him like a couple of hours ago." I say shocked. "Come on!" He yells. "Where?" "We're going to go see where it happened." He says rushing to the door. I run after him.

(Fast forward through the drive)

We pull up to the place where Zayn wrecked and see the car. Gosh, it looks awful. I looked closely and saw something written in the mirror. 'I told you I would get my revenge Zayn! I told you, but you didn't believe me! I knew I would show you! - Harry.' It was written in blood. Zayn's blood. I guess Harry got what he wanted after all.

Niall and I left and he dropped me off at my house. When I got there I saw a note on the couch. 'Sorry for all the trouble. I really just didn't trust anyone. Thank you for helping me. Now I can finally rest and go to the other side. Thank you. I'll show you one day how great full I am. Sincerely Harry.' I read the last words with tears in my eyes. Who knew that I would be thanked by him. By the Boy In My Mirror

THE END!!!!!!

A/n: Wow guys! I can't believe it the end of the story. I'm sorry the story was so short. I really am. So tell me what you think. And thank you guys for all the support!!!!!

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