Boy In The Mirror

Pain. Love. Friendship. Revenge. Threatening. Tears. Knowledge.
"I'll show you!!!"
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18. Ch 12πŸ‘» (ignore the last chp 12 plzz)

Ch 12πŸ‘»

(Okay ignore the last chp)

Dakotas POV

"What happens now?" I ask looking towards Niall and Liam. "We find out the truth." Niall says shrugging. "Okay.....but Harry already said bye" I say. "I know. We are going to talk to Zayn. And Louis." Liam says. "What do you mean?" Niall ask. "Idiot! We are going to call Zayn and Louis. We are going to bring the ouija board and we are going to ask Harry the truth." Liam replied probably aggravated with Niall. "Good luck with that." Niall retorts back in the same tone as Liam. Liam simply rolled his eyes and looked towards me. "Call Louis and Zayn and see if they will meet up with us?" He ask. "Okay I'll be right back" I say walking away.

(Skip phone convo bc my phone is being a retard-Sammi)

"They said they will come over" I say shocked that they both agreed to come. "Awesome" they both say

Harry's POV

So the truth will be revealed. Over the past few hours I've questioned why I tortured the poor girl. And Louis. I finally remembered when they started asking me questions who was the cause for my death. And the truth will finally be revealed. After three years, I will get to have justice.

Dakota's POV

Zayn soon arrives to the house. I'm ready to find out the truth. I've been so confused lately. But I'll know soon.


The door bell rings silencing the room. I walk to the door and open it to see Zayn with an unreadable expression. "Is Louis here? And why am I here?" He ask. "Not yet and we need to know the truth about Harry." I say to him. He gets an angry expression and turns to walk away. "WAIT NO!!!!" I say. I was hoping to find out the truth. I guess not. "Guys he left. How are we going to know now?" I ask whining. "We'll still find out sweetie. It's actually better that he's not here." Liam says to me. "I'm here." Louis says walking in. "Perfect timing." Niall says. "Wait.....who is this?" He ask pointing to Niall. "Niall. He's a medium." I say. "Okay let's get started." Liam says. Louis sits down at the couch waiting on Niall to start the questioning.

Niall suddenly closed his eyes and a weird feeling went through the room. "It was September 13, 2011" Niall says but his voice changed. Now it sounded deeper and it was British. I looked around confused. "I thought we were going to use the ouija board?" I ask. Liam looks to me and says "That's Harry's voice. Harry possessed Niall so he could tell us. This is what happens in most medium sessions" he says. (A/n: I know this for a fact. So this really does happen in most medium sessions-Sammi) "I've always been bullied. Mostly by Zayn. So on September 13, 2011 when Zayn came up to me and apologized I believed him. He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him and skip school that day. I agreed to, so we skipped school and went to my house while my mum was at work and my sister was at school. We went to my room and he asked me if I wanted a shot. I wanted to seem cool so I said yes. About an hour later I was really really drunk. Next thing I know there's a rope around me. I guess he wrote a note to make it seem like I committed suicide. So for the past three years people have thought that. They never knew that it was Zayn's fault and that Zayn hung me. So that's how I died. By the filthy hands of Zayn Malik." Niall well Harry said. "Then why did you threaten me?" I ask. "Because, after that. I didn't trust anyone. I vowed that I would never trust another person in my home. That's why." He says. "Why did you put that note in my locker?" Louis asked. "I didn't do that." Harry said.

Then it clicked. Zayn was the one who put the note in the locker. Zayn killed Harry. Harry only wrote the notes to me, he only broke the mirror and the phone. But why did Zayn kill Harry.

To be continued........

A/n: So sorry for not updating lately. Also check out my new story jealousy. Also tell me what you think of this chapter. Tell me if u have any questions. Also ignore the last chp. Love ya!!!!!!

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