Boy In The Mirror

Pain. Love. Friendship. Revenge. Threatening. Tears. Knowledge.
"I'll show you!!!"
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Theme song: Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Other Side


13. Ch 10πŸ‘»

A/n:Sorry for the lack of updating:(

Ch 10πŸ‘»

Dakotas POV

I quickly jumped after hearing the sound of knocking upon my door. "Hello?" I ask. I then realize who it was and open the door. "Hi. Oh my gosh thank you so much for coming Niall." I say with relief flooding my expression and emotions. "No problem. So what is the problem here?" He ask walking in. "Uh. Well there has been some scary weird things going on." I say my stomach turning in knots in the process. "Um like what?" He ask. I sigh remembering all the crap that's gone on in the past few days. "Well....when I got here I was super excited to be here. I arrived and the first day I got here,my mirror in that room broke. I ran to get a broom but when I got back it said 'I'll show you!!!'. Then that night I woke up and went to the bathroom and saw a boy. I brushed off the thought and went back to bed. I woke up again when the tv turned on and off. I got up and called my friend Louis, I went to his house and told him everything. He came here immediately and found a note. We've found loads of notes before and a couple after. The lights cut off and back on. He also told me that this Harry guy commuted suicide and it was because of him." I tell him everything and then show him all the notes and everything. He just sits there mouth agape. "I got one question for you Dakota." He say shock still very visible in his features. All I do is nod for him to carry on. "Why the f**k are you still living here?" He practically scolds me. "Because. I signed a lease and can't leave for another 6 months." I say a tear rolling down my face. I always cried when someone yelled at me. I'm a very sensitive person. "Look I'm sorry for yelling. It's just that......" He trailed off looking away. His expression went from sympathy to pure petrified. "I'm getting out of here!" He yelled running out of my house. I began to panic. Why did he just freak out and leave like that? I'm now really scared. I hesitantly looked around my living room,not wanting to encounter this thing again.

Harry's POV

She brung a medium here? Why. I zone out of their entire conversation. I then realize that Louis lied to her. He f*****g lied. He didn't just bully me. They will soon know the truth. You guys just wait.......I'll show you!!! I'll make sure they remember me. I will be remembered as more than The Boy In The Mirror!!!

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