Boy In The Mirror

Pain. Love. Friendship. Revenge. Threatening. Tears. Knowledge.
"I'll show you!!!"
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Theme song: Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Other Side


1. Ch 1πŸ‘»

Ch 1πŸ‘»

Dakota's POV

"Mum I'll be alright." I say comforting my mom. I was about to be on my way to England. I was moving to the small town of Cheshire. I was super excited about it. Just a little scared.


I made my way to the small town after hours and hours of flying there. I made my way to the house. I was a little too excited about this move. I would be on my own. I would have a whole new life. The bad thing about it is that I was nowhere near my family at all. I got sad at the thought. But this is supposed to be a happy day. So I shall be happy

It wasn't long till I made it to my new house. It was nice. I was quite surprised that nobody owned it. They said that no one had lived there for for over 3 years. Why? It was an amazing house.

I walked through the doors looking the through the house. It was absolutely amazing. I walked up to the stairs to the master bedroom. Once I had finally found it I walked in there. I was quick to set my bags on the king sized bed. Wow. Nobody told me about the mirror on the wall. Well, it's nice. I could use it to my advantage. I walked to it and checked my reflection. I was wearing a white and pink tank-top and pink capris with my beige toms. My hair was pulled into a loose messy bun. I had light make-up on. I looked pretty comfortable if I do say so myself. It is late at night so I think I'm gonna get some food.

?'s POV

Who is she? Who the h*ll told her she could come into MY home. I'll show her!

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