Cant be tamed

Me and Louis were just friends,realy good ,friends.but truly i wanted him badly .i was madly in-love with him ,but he had a girlfriend ,and he is preety inlove with her.i have no hope,i dont know if he has the same feelings as me?or ever will


4. the fight

Louis p.o.v

If ali think that I'm going to belive that lie she must me stoopid.I walk with el back to the black cars.

I cant belive you would get jelous and even atempt to do what you did

We were having a fight bout you

She said you were hers and she would still steal you from me


And I hit her

Well from my point of view I saw you hit her and I grabed you

Well then you need glasses

nope.... the thing is why are you jely of me talking to another girl.I'm all yours.

I know... I don't like it when you talk to other girls

you are realy that self-centered


We got to my flat as eleanor argued over me being friends with ali

Ive known her since kinagarden she is my best friend , you need to chill

I don't need to chill

Ok if you not chilling mabe you should go to rehab

No I wont

Then chill

Eleanor tried to kiss me but I just pushed her away and went in the shower untill the shower door opened and eleanor came in neked

oh noo, god not right now

Miss ME?

No eleanor I think its time we need to have a

A baby!!

Hell noo

Then what

A break

Excuse me

A break eleanor a break


why are you in the shower with me

I wanted to take one with you

Eleanor if you think your going to get sex out of me you are wrong.


Eleanor ran out of the shower crying as I think about going to see ali tommoro.

What kind of sick person have I become

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