Saving Madison

Madison McCall's mother died when she was six. Her father became a drug and started to abuse her. Growing up, she leaned on her best friend Seth. Just when things start to get worse, Seth moves away leaving Madison all alone. Years later, Seth is back and ready to reunite with Madison but what happens when she's changed? Can he save their relationship before it's too late?


1. Maddie Cakes

Seth's P.O.V.


I remember it like it was yesterday. I grew up living in a cozy two story, brick home. It was at the end of the block but sat nicely next to a similar house with less brick and much duller. My dad and Mr. McCall grew up together as kids and it was their goal to have their children to grow up together too. I was born first, Seth Jackson, then Mr. McCall and his wife had their daughter Madison a year later.


Every since I could remember, Madison has been in my life. We would have cookouts, camping trips, we would watch movies, play games, I would help her with her homework since I was in a grade above her and so much more.


Madison had this light about her. She walked into a room and people fell in love with her. She had these big blue eyes full of wonder. Her skin was the color of cream with little brown freckles dotting her cheeks. Her hair was the color of wheat on a summer day. She had this way of talking to people. No matter how bad your day was, Madison could make you smile. She was just like her mother. Until..


Beth McCall, Madison's mom, died in a tragic car accident. Madison was never the same happy go lucky kid and neither was her father. I could remember nights when Madison would sneak over to my house drenched in her own sweat or blood. Dark, purple bruises covered her arms and legs. I would carry her little body up to my room where we would lay on my bed and talk until the morning.


Her dad, Caleb McCall, started drinking after his wife died. He started taking his anger out on the criminals he and my dad would pick up. Then he started taking it out on Madison. She would come home with a 98% on a test and he would flip. He would beat her senseless then whens she gained strength, she would crawl or walk to my house. Everyone in town knew what was happening to her but no one said anything. Not me. Not even my parents. The last memory I shared with her, is one that is burned into my mind today.


"Sethy." She said one night.


"Yes?" I responded with a sleepy tone as the darkness crept through my window. It was a late night after another beating from her father. It was sad how use to it she became. She was only ten at the time.


She pressed her little button nose on mine and whispered, "Can you pinky promise to stay with me forever? Will you protect me forever?"


I looked into her big blue eyes. The tears were forming in those eyes that I knew I would never forget. I could feel the words stuck in my throat but I managed to get them out, "Of course Maddie Cakes. I will be here forever." She pulled out her little hand, sticking out her pinky. It was one of the few places where she wasn't black or blue. I took her pinky with mine.


Those sleepy, blue eyes began to flutter with tears as she finally started to fall asleep. I held her tight knowing within the next couple days I would be leaving and for how long, I didn't know. Saying goodbye to her was the last thing I wanted to do but now, seven years later, I have a chance to see her again. That is. If she is still here.

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