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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


9. Chapter 9.

Alexandra's P.O.V


"Alex answer me .." Zayn kept begging . I just kept my head in my hands ignoring the questions he was asking me about my weird shout or the fact that I'm 2 weeks pregnant . I didn't know which explanation he wanted to hear so I just kept quiet  . "How come you didn't say anything .. " He asked hoping I would answer now .

I just sighed and start explaining because as much as I know Zayn ... He's never giving up . " Because we already have so much on our plate and to be fair I just didn't wanna stress you out " I shrugged . "Stress me out . That's all you --" "And on top of all of that I didn't wanna say anything now that I know you cheated on me . But then you kept saying I'm sorry I'm sorry over and fucking over !!! .. Saying something was the last thing I wanted to do but I didn't want you to know I've been keeping secrets too ..." I finished .

I left him speechless his mouth dropped and he didn't say a word after that . I sighed . "I am sorry though .. " I said trying to make the situation a little better . He just sighed shaking his head .  After that he pulled me into a much needed tight hug I wrapped my arms around his waist hugging him back .

"We all make mistakes alright . I just wanted you to know that It was hurting me inside and that we have a family now and I don't want you mad . Arguments only tear families apart . " He mumbled . He was surely right about that . It sounds like the same thing that happened to my family .

 I can't even count the number of time my dad and mom got in arguments with me and D or when my grandma would throw knives at my moms head .. don't worry she missed except that one time ... yah know what lets not talk about that .

" I love you . I love Alyx .. and I'm gonna love this new addition to the family .. " He finished smiling while putting his hand on my stomach . I smiled as he rubbed around my belly button . It tickled . " Now .. Can we sleep now ?" He asked .

I nodded feeling much better about myself . We finally laid down on our sides of the bed , turning off each of the lamps on the wall . A few minutes of desperate cuddling later we both were silently sleep . Leaving us to only look forward to the future . 

Cher's P.O.V

Today was me and Liam's very first doctors appointment with the baby . I have never been in a baby doctors office before and it kinda weird and give you a really messed up feeling . There pictures of premature babies everywhere and baby foot prints and just ... baby . I could even tell it was making Liam just as uncomfortable as it was making me . I don't understand how my mom did it .

Stepping into this baby hole of shit . I don't get how grandma did it either with her 8 million kids . Grandma was a freak .  After the called our names we finally walked back to the doctors office for our first ultrasound .  " Okay so I'm gonna need you to lay back on the table so we can take a look at your beautiful baby " The nurse said who was overly excited for no reason

This caused me and Liam to look at each other in confusion .  The baby isn't fully grown  . 

So once I finally laid down She lifted up my shirt and squirted this clear plastic like stuff on my stomach . She took this  while tool thingy and began to move it around my stomach  . 5 minutes of doing that and finally she blurted out " There it is right there " . Liam's eyes gained twice its size  as he caught a glimpse of the baby's head and hands moving around .

His shocked face soon turned into a smile " Amazing .. " He whispered . I smiled to myself . "What do you guys think it might be " The nurse asked . "Boy . " Liam said . "Girl " I corrected him . He looked at me . We just smiled at eachother because if we started arguing about it it would ruin the moment . The best moment of my life .

*I just had to put something with her and the baby in it just .. yass *

Zayn's P.O.V

 I had to leave Alex at home this time to help with the shop sadly . I hope she'll be okay Things are changing rapidly in my family as much as I just now didn't wanna admit it . With Alex now pregnant with our second child and Alyxander still on chemo the stress is really building up .

I don't know how long its gonna take for us to get back on track but hopefully Alyx gets better and everything goes smoothly . I walked into work that morning ready to get my mind off things . I don't even remember the last time I did a tattoo . As I walked into my office it smelled peaceful .

The sun shined through my big window and I had the urge to just sit down and draw until The appointments start rolling in at 10 o'clock . I got out my note pad and a graphite pencil and began to draw .. enjoying the silence for once . I soon heard the door open revealing my assistant Nick aka .

The one thats in charge of mostly everything other than me . " Heey Boss man . I didn't know you were coming in today . Your chair was keeping my ass warm these last few days " He said playing . I rolled my eyes smiling . " Yeah Yeah . I had to come in one of these days " I responded .

" Why . got sick of your family or something ??" He asked . I sighed thinking about Alexandra .. Thinking about my beautiful baby boy . " No .. I just thought you guys needed help . " I shrugged chuckling a little . It was suddenly quiet and Nick was starring at me . I looked back at him "What ?" I questioned . "Are you sure there's nothing you wanna talk about ..  you seem a little down " He said .

I shook my head . " Nothing just um .. " I was interrupted by my phone ringing . "Hold on " I told him picking up my phone . "Hello ... Babe I'm work I --- Wait what ... Oh shit . Alright here I come !!" I said quickly hanging up and grabbing my jacket .

" Ay Boss where are you going ??" I heard Nick . " I need to go to the hospital call Someone else if you need anything " I told him before running out . I needed to get there .

I needed to see what went wrong with Alyxander .



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