Mr.Malik 3 +16

"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


8. Chapter 8



For Alexandra

Q :stay strong bae, he really does love you and awyx ;) you can get through this!!!

A : I guess . I'm trying forreal .. 

For Zayn

Q :you did the right thing man, good job *so proud*

A :Doesn't really make me happy that shes crying .. but I guess I feel a little better I didn't keep it from her .

For Cher 

Q :are you scare as fuck to have Liam paynes 

A :Am I scared .. Bitch please my baby is gonna be hot !! .. No I'm not I'm really happy . Lol 

Okaaay it's been a while since I posted so . I'm a bit rusty . Lol . But I'm gonna try .


Perrie's P.O.V

I've called 5000 times . That little shit isn't answering his phone and its all because of that bitch and her bitch child . GOD I swear she's gonna pay for this . I laid across my couch throwing my phone close to hitting the T.V . I let out a loud sigh .

If only Zayn was here to hold me . Make me feel good again . I just want him . Nothing can sooth me but him . Nothing at all . All those nights I laid in this very spot just thinking what the hell I could have done better .

If I didn't fuck up I could have kept him . He wouldn't have ran off . Found that highschool girl and made a family with her . a perfect family .


Zayn gave the world to her it just wasn't fair to me . He never treated me like that .. Now .. I want revenge .

"KNOCK KNOCK !!" The loud singing voice came through my apartment door . "Doors open love " I yelled .

The door swung open revealing my best friends aka . Jade and Jesy . "Heey Perrie-babe .. what's up ? what gotten up your stockings ?" Jesy scoffs looking at me in disgust . "Girls .. Its--" "Zayn ? Again are you serious ?!" Jade exclaimed .

"This is like the 10th time ... You seriously need to find a new man anybody could replace Zayn like that " Jesy snapped her fingers . Its funny how quickly we got into this conversation .

"Jess . Its impossible to replace Zayn . Especially not after last night .. " I mumbled the last part making them both gasp in sync . "Nooo YOU SLEPT WITH HIM?!! ... Isn't he married ?" Jade asked in shock .

"I mean .. yeah but --" "Now YOU KNOW this is wrong right . I follow Zayn on instagram did you see that baby .. and his wife I mean seriously .. " Jade scoffs .

" Sure the baby is cute . and sure Alexandra is .. quite appealing .. but that's not who he was thinking about last night . and you guys know what they say .. May the best woman win right ?"

I shrugged crossing my arms a devilish smirk appearing on my lips .

"Looks like its time .. Call Leigh-Anne . " Jade snapped her fingers to Jesy who quickly pulled out her phone . Plan A is officially in progress . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

Hey are you okay ?-CHERRYBEAR ^0^

Mhm I guess . Just taking things lightly for the better -Sexy♥

Don't worry everything will be fine I'm sure-CHERRYBEAR ^0^

I let out a small sigh slipping off my leggings and t-shirt replacing it with one of Zayn's . I don't want it to look like I'm upset at him or I'm mad at him only because I knew it was a mistake . Mistakes happen I mean . I should know .

Thinking about him sleeping with her breaks my heart and just wondering if he's done or not is even worse . The pain is bliss . I can't take it . But everyone has secrets you know . I sat on the bed putting my hair up in the worst ponytail in the history of ponytails .

I really wasn't feeling it tonight . My stomach would churn , my feet would hurt . Just thinking about life . Since Alyx's birthday it seems like everything is going down hill and I don't like it .

 I heard the bathroom door open revealing Zayn's shirtless body , Him only in sweat pants and funny socks . Like always . I laid on my side of the bed silently not saying a word to Zayn who was in the process of checking his phone . 

 I was kinda caught off guard when I felt his hand meet my thigh , that's what he does when he's upset and looking for comfort from me .

"Alex .. you okay ?" He asked me . "Yeah .. " I silently said . "Babe I'm sorry I really am . I know I've made a mistake and I seriously am taking this guilt worser than you think . I just want us to push this passed eachother " He continued .

The more he talked the more I couldn't hold it in anymore .

How sorry he was that he kept such a secret .

That secret was the worst thing that could ever happen to me and him .

Well you know what ....

"Zayn I'm pregnant .. " I blurted out .

That's when I knew . Things just got worse . 

LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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