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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


5. Chapter 5.


Alexandra's P.O.V

Zayn Where the fuck are you ?? .- Mrs.ZaynaMalik

Hes been gone for the past 4 hours and everyone is still sitting here trying to contact him . Alyxander was laying on my chest as I was trying to put him to bed while I attempted many times to call his father . "Where the hell could he possibly be ?" Liam growled . "He couldn't have gone far . does he know that Alyx has to stay here ?" Niall said making a point . I forgot to tell him that part .

Well of course I would tell him if I knew where he was ! . "Mama whewes Dada ..?" Alyx asked . I sighed . "Dada will be here soon I pwomise otay ?" I told him . A little yawn escaped from his tiny Zayn-Like lips . "Otay " He said quieter laying his head back on my chest . "Alex I think its time to take Seianna home shes tired . " Sparrow said "Yeah Elijah gets cranky when he hasn't slept " Louis sighed .

"We're gonna go too . Call us if you need something . I'll try to get in touch with Zayn " Liam said . I nodded . "Alright . Night " I told them . They all squeezed me with a hug ."Night Love " Harry said . I watched them all go .

Leaving me and Alyx in the dim light room . I sighed laying back on the pillow . I glaced at Alyxander a sad expression on  my face . "This cannot be happening again " I sighed . The passed when Zayn would disappear for days upon days ? . Why is this all of the sudden happening again and always the days I really need him .. We really need him . I just want everything for once to be okay . 

Zayn's P.O.V

It felt awkward surrounded by people I was no longer cool with . Ivory took me to the bar with my other old Friends Jenny , and Luke and my other Ex girlfriend Perrie . That's what made everything worse . When we broke up we swore we would never talk to each other again . But out of a broke heart .

Now I don't know what she'll have to say to me . We all sat at the bar together as they were laughing at whatever . My only priority was to get out of here as fast as I could . One drink . "What can I do for you beautiful people this evening ?" the waiter came out . The way she smirked at me made me feel uncomfortable .

"Um we need 4 rounds of shots  ... Like strong shots ! but to start us off lets get some bull frogs " She said in a saucy voice . "Um can my make one of them just a beer please" I told them .

They all groaned . "AWWW Zayniee!! . Dude lighten up ! " Luke said . "Right . YOLO !!" She said making them all cheer . "Luke how about you guys act your age . I should be with my son and my wife  right now but I decided to Have 1 drink with you guys . " I shook my head getting up from my seat .

"No Zayn .. Don't go please " I felt someone grab my hand . My fingers tingled . I turned over meeting eyes with Perrie . I saw the passed in her eyes . I remembered she cheated on me all over again . The tears I shed .

The way I felt . I moved my hand from her grasp . "I'll stay " I mumbled . I Ignored the hurt in her eyes sitting down in my seat again . "Atta boy Zayn . Let's take those shots now " Ivory clapped everyone cheered .

I smiled . I might as well be happy . I felt my phone buzz in my pocket many of times . I didn't want them to seem like I was worried about something so I never answered . Alex is gonna be so pissed . 

*3rd Person :D*

(More like 4 drinks and 70 shots later)

Everyone was intoxicated to the max . Especially Zayn . He stumbled across the bar taking shot after shot . He was drunk alright . He tried to make it back to the table safely but failed falling to the ground .

More like fell into Perrie's shaking arms . After all these years she would still get nervous around the used to be Bad boy . "You okay ?" She chuckled nervously . He just looked at her with those eyes .

That's when we all knew .. Zayn fucked up . I closed the gap between him and Perrie kissing her . She was caught by surprised but It was Zayn who wouldn't kiss back . Kissing lead to touching . Touching lead to feeling .

Feeling lead to Zayn picking her up and carrying her out of the bar and taking her to a hotel where he was about to make the worst mistake of his life . 


Do you like the New and Approved Natalie ? I do . I felt she needed to be a little pretty ♥




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