Mr.Malik 3 +16

"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


32. Chapter 32.


This is gonna be you by the end of the chapter 

Niall's P.O.V


It was really late when me and Seianna left the hospital . I got our stuff and checked out of the hotel before making our way back to the house for the night . I put Seianna in her bed after changing her into her pajamas . After cracking her door I walked toward me and Sparrows bedroom noticing her packing up her clothes and stuff . I didn't want her to leave . But there was no reason in stopping her . I tried to forgive her . But its hard .

"Where are you gonna go " I asked her distracting her from packing . She shrugged wiping tears off her face " I don't know . I'll figure it out " She chuckles lightly . I just watch her as she zips up her bags and putting on her boots and her jacket . "Why do you care anyway " she asked out of the blue . "Because I care . I'll always care " I tell her . She looks at me and smiles tears still falling from her eyes "Thanks " She whispers . 

After she got done packing I helped her carry her stuff to her car and stuff . She slings her bag over her shoulder and sighs "Well" . "Well" I say after her . Our faces lined up together and she leaned in to kiss me , but I stopped her grabbing her face and kissing her jawline lightly . She looked at me disappointed and a little sad as she walked towards her car ready to get in . "Niall" she says .

I look at her letting her know she had my attention " Goodbye" She says . I didn't have the heart to say goodbye back . I didn't want her to do . I Walked back in the house leaving her to go . She I watched her as she got in the car and without another word she drives away . And come to think about it . I already missed her .

Sparrow's P.O.V

As I drove down the street I could help but cry as my old home left sight . I didn't realize what a good person I just let down until now when he wants space . And the spaces get deeper and deeper . I stop at a red light trying to figure out where I'm gonna go now . Should I go to a hotel ? . Sleep in the car ? . I didn't know . That's when I got a text . I pulled my phone out of my bag and clicked on the message that said : From Liam

Sparrow -Liam

I need you -Liam

I love you -Liam

The light turns green and I sped down the street to get to his flat . I didn't bother getting my stuff out of the car and walked up to the door banging on the door until Liam opened it . "Sparrow" He says . "Liam .. " I says . Before I could even explain to him my situation I jumped up and kissed Liam until I couldn't anymore . He grabs onto me so I don't fall . But I was . I was falling for Liam . Well somewhere inside of me . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

-7 months Later-

"Aww this is sooooo cute Aunt Cloe" I shouted holding up the many emoji onesies she got and holding them up so that the guest could see them . I was so happy to first hear we're having a girl and next to see girl clothes . I'm too excited . There were pink and turquoise decorations and balloons and lanterns everywhere as I wore a turquoise sundress to match everything . The pretty little snack table with 2 kinds of cakes and cake pops and just .. Oh my god .

Zayn and I sat in the middle of the venue floor that read its a Girl in big pink letter in our king and queen sized chairs as he read the cards and the gift cards and I open all the gifts . "Thanks Aunt Cloe" Zayn waves at her . She blows a kiss at him and he just looks in disgust sort of . All of my family has flirted with him so he should be used to it by now . "Okay last gift " I sigh . "Finally!!" Louis shouts and everyone laughs as he's the one writing down the names of everyone who gave a gift and what they brung . I laughed .

His fingers are probably tired for writing like 5 pages of names . "It is .. Oh my gosh . " I open the big bag getting pretty much every we would probably need x100 . "Theres this . " Harry says carrying in a big ass box which is probably a crib and another box with a car seat in it . "Oh jeez . Who's this from ?" I asked Zayn as he's looking puzzled at the card and the gift card to babies r'us . "There's no name on it babe" He says . I looked at the card confused . The only person here that got us gifts like this was my grandma , and we already opened her gifts which was about 95% of all the gifts  .

"Actually" My grandma says silencing our confusion . Everyone looks at her as she points to the door , My mom . Not dressed like she usually is . But . Like a mom . What the is going on ? Why am I so confused ?!!! . "I'm responsible" She smiled . "Sweetheart" She smiles at me . I look around confused and then turning back to her "You're talking to me ? "  I point to myself . She laughs out loud . "Of course I'm talking to you Alejandra " . What ? . Zayn lets go of my hand letting me walk towards my mom , My brother meeting me just as confused as I am .

" Deangelo . You look so handsome " She coos pinching his tan skin til it was read . He looked at me giving me the 'what the fuck is wrong with this lady' . "What are you doing here ?" I asked . Not trying to sound rude . I was more confused than rude right now  . She looks at my grandma and gets a nod from her before turning back to me . "I came to apologize " She admits . Everyone gasps in the room including me and Denagelo . "Apologize for what ?" I asked . She gives a sigh and begins to speak . "For not being the parent I should have been . " She says . I look at her confused and she looks at me continuing .

" I'll admit I was wrong for everything that I've done to you and your brother . I wasn't supportive , I wasn't hardly ever there and I feel so horrible . Me and your father had you guys at a young age I didn't know how to handle it . And I trusted him to be there and he just wanted to leave you guys ... And that's why he's not here today . I divorced him because I want to first of all be there for my grandchildren but also be in your lives .. Before I don't have that chance anymore .. I love you guys" When she finishes everyone aww's. I didn't know why until I realized I had tears in my eye . Fuck she got to me . But . Never have I ever . Heard my mom say anything like that before . I never thought she would leave my dick of a dad but apparently she had enough balls .

"Alejandra . I knew I should have taught you the things a little girl needs to know . Instead of letting you figure it out on your own . I'm sorry " she say . I couldn't help it . I've always wanted to do this "Mommaaaaa!!" I cry into her arms making everyone clap . She motions Denagelo to get into the hug too . She kisses mine and his forehead and squeezes us tightly . "momma" I hear and I turn around to see Alyx run towards Zayn . Zayn Carrie's him over to me and I grab him . "Oh . I almost forgot .. I believe we got off on the wrong foot . I'm Daniella Alejandra's mom . And you must be Zayn . My Son in law .

I heard alot of good things about you " She pinches his cheeks . Zayn blushes bright red and smiles . "Its nice to meet you too " He says happily . "And who is this ?" She coos . Alyx giggles as she tickles his tummy . "Alyxnader" I told her . " Hi Alyxander  . Can you say abuela (grandma) ?" She asked in a baby tone .

"Abuelllaaa" He says . Everyone aww's and claps as she grabs Him from my arms . My grandma walks over to the mic and speaks "Let the party continue!" . The music came back on and everyone started chatting at their tables . " Now I know you had something to do with this " I folded my arms at my grandma . She giggled . "My 2 favorite girls now . Oh I'm sorry .. 3" She touches my stomach . I laugh . 

This is just .. MY FAMILY THOO <3


This was all over the place . But still cute right? Lol

but the next 2 chapters of Mr.Malik will be the last . I'm sorry to say :( . But . I would like to know what you would wanna see next . I have an Idea with what I want but . Really Its up to you guys so yah <3


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