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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


30. Chapter 30.

Alexandra's P.O.V


At about 6pm we were patiently waiting in Alexander's hospital room he was assigned to . I was so jealous of their rooms in the hospital like . I wish I was 3 years old now . Big ass T.V , full bathroom , the patients bed plus a recliner and a pullout couch . Like What the hell ? . They treat us like shit in the main hospital . My Grandma was there with my brother , Natalie , and Kian with all these presents and candy and balloons . My family is dedicated . The rest of the guys just started piling in one after one .

So we sat and waited together "Where's Sparrow and Niall ?" Liam asked with his arm folded . "Um . They're just having a moment . We don't really need them right now " Zayn responds . Liam nods kinda out of it . "I'm surprised you even asked . After Niall got on your ass about the whole baby situation " Louis says in shock . Harry slaps his arm telling him to shut up and he puts his hands up in defense . "I mean . Accidents happen . I said I was sorry and , He had no intentions of forgiving me . So . I just let it go " Liam shrugs .

Kian then breaks out into claps clapping for Liam . This boy I swear . "Being the bigger person you better go ! . Atleast some people take my advice and follow in my footsteps " Kian smiles looking over at De . "Get a bigger dick then you can start talking about being the bigger person " Deangelo says making the whole room ooo . Kian just kinda sat back and his seat mumbling things under his breath .My brother gives me life . I just walked over and hugged him so proud at what he said for a little sister . "Here he comes guys " Louis says pointing to the door .

My grandma pulls out her camera and everything and began to snap photos as they rolled Alyx's bed into the room . Luckily I taught her how to use her IPhone properly . "Here he isss " The nurse sang as the other nurses helped wheel him in . "Awww . How'd it go ?" I asked "Its when well . We removed the cancer successfully everything should be in place and okay from now on " She explains . Everyone in the room clapped .

I'm so glad this is over . I just want Alyx to enjoy being a kid . Zayn hugged onto me and I hugged him back just happy our baby is finally healthy . I walked up to the bed to see him up close . He even looked better . "Sweetie . You're all done baby " I grabbed into his little fingers and he held on tight . I kiss both of his cheeks and he looks up at me "Who awe you ?" He asked in his little baby voice . Everyone laughed . "I'm momma . Dada's here you remember Dada ? " I motioned Zayn to come over to look at him . "Momma and Dada " He repeats "Yeah momma and dada " I laughed .

He looks back and forth between me and Zayn with his big beautiful eyes . "You look weeiwd momma" He says . We chuckle . "Momma looks weird?" Zayn asked . His eyes darted to Zayn and he look at him his eyes popping out his small head and I laughed as my grandma held the camera closer . "You from Outerspace  .. You alien . You not dada " He says . "I'm an alien ?  " Zayn laughed making Alyx laugh "Wooah" He exclaimed .

"Wha -- Wheaw am I ? " He asked looking around the room . "You're at the hospital baby " I say . "No I not . I'm on krypton . I go to the hospital to get my .." He stops in the middle of his sentence and sticks his tongue . I have never laughed so hard . Not After Zayna . " Look what  Uncle De got you . " I say . "OOhh What's that ? Is that superman ?" Deangelo says holding up a Superman beanie and a super man sippy cup .

He gasped excitedly and smiles . Everyone was now crowding the bed giggling at him . "Supewman . Supewman is thew " He points to Zayn touching his nose giggling . Zayn smiles and kisses Alyx's forehead . That was too sweet . I keep saying it but the bond between them too amazes me . I wish me and my dad had the same kind when I was little . I wish my parents weren't such ass holes sometimes . But they are . Boo Hoo . 

Niall's P.O.V


After getting dressed I gave Seianna a bath before dressing her in a white T-shirt and a red skirt with a brown belt . She sat in between my legs as I brushed her soft curls out and into a ponytail with a red bow on the end . We were gonna meet the others at the hospital to see Alyxander . I felt really bad about not being there but I kinda needed to rest my mind , Especially after Zayn came to speak with me . His talk really helped me think more , but I'm still not sure what I'm doing . Is our fight really worth being a single parent ?.

 I knew how it felt to not have both of my parents at a young age . It feels like shit and I wouldn't want that for my child . But I'm hurt she would go behind my back like that . I'm so mad I can't shake the feeling of being broken and not even that but My best friend betrade me . My best friend out of everyone . 

"Daddy I want juice " Seianna says as she sat on the bed . "You want juice ? . Daddy will get you juice in a second sweetie " I say . I take her cup and fill it with cold apple juice before handing it to her . I grabbed my keys and her free hand walking towards the door . I opened it and stood there , I kid you not 

Was Sparrow

in tears 



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