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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


29. Chapter 29.

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okehh to le storehouse I mean Storehh 

Alexandra's P.O.V


Today was the day . We woke up early to get everything together for Alyx's , hopefully , Final visit at the hospital .  They said chemo was doing good and everything so the surgery should be easy . But I'm not sure , I'm no professional . 

Once in the surgery unit and after answering series of questions that a children's hospital is supposed to ask we dressed Alyx in his surgery gown and everything and a few minutes later he was sent on his was to the operating room . Me and Zayn watched our brave little boy leave sight and he grabs onto my waist and pulls me closely his head between my neck and shoulder and his hand on my small pregnant belly  .

"He'll be okay .. " I nodded sighing . "You promise ?" He asked . I nodded once again "Just trust the doctors babe " I said and kissed his cheek . He smiles as we walk back in the room together and to my surprise . My phone rings with yet another call from Sparrow .

Since she told Niall about the whole baby business nobody has even heard from Niall . Well probably cause he's giving sparrow the good old silent treatment . He left the house the Night Sparrow told him , with Seianna . And I don't know what's in store now but I hope its nothing too harsh . "Hellllooo??" I answer as always , less enthused though . "He sent them " She sobbed . By them I knew she meant the divorce papers . Fuck . "Oh no .. " I gasped . I'm sorry if it sound like I'm being a bitch but In reality I was upset for them .

I didn't know Niall felt that heart broken ."I'm so sorry Spar--" "Its okay Alex you don't have to feel sorry for me . I'm so stupid " She cried . I didn't know what to say . Do I really make all my friends wanna die after my talks with them . I feel so bad now . "Don't cry everything's okay . We can fix this I'm sure " I reassured her .

As she cried on the phone I forgot to realize I got one of Niall's best friend sitting right in front of me . I'M MARRIED TO HIS BEST FRIEND !! . Which meant Zayn could convince Niall to maybe work it out or . Something . I know there's no way in hell they are just gonna get a divorce like that . Not on Alexandra Jade Malik's watch . "Um Spar let me take care of it . Don't ask questions just trust me as I hang up " I told her pressing the hang up button .

I crossed my hands in front of me and slowly skipped over to Zayn's side innocently "Zayyynnieee" I sang . He looked up at me . "Whaaatttt ?" He sang back . "Can you do something for me ?"I asked sitting on his lap . "What's in it for me ?" He smirked . Of course . I'm married to a perv . "Uhh . I'll watch those videos with you " I told him . His mouth dropped open "The mighty mega powers !? .. All 3 seasons " . I nodded He smiled excitedly . "Well whatever you need me to do " . And you thought the videos we're dirty . With yah nasty ass ;)

Zayn's P.O.V

I pulled into the hotel parking lot where Niall stayed and walked in , asking for his room number and making my way upstairs . Once again the Malik's will save the day . Though I should be at the hospital with my son , Alex is keeping me posted and besides the surgery has only been going on about an hour . Only 11 more to go :D . 

I walked to the door of his hotel room and knock on the door . "Who is it ?" Niall's voice shouts sounding way more raspy than usual . "Uhh . Room service " I said trying to make my voice at the most mysterious . He opens the door . His eyes bloodshot red and his face paler than the walls surrounding him . "Oh .. Hey Z" He mumbled  walking away from the door . I shrugged and walked in .

"Uh . Everything okay ?" I asked as I walked in quietly shutting the door when I notice Seianna sleeping on the bed wrapped in pink blankets and a pink sippy cup by her side . "I'm fine I'm just ... I'm lying I feel terrible " He sigh sitting down on the other bed putting his head in his hands . I sit next to him and just watch as he lifts his head , tears spewing down his face . "I can't believe she would even think about cheating on me . I mean its not like I didn't try in our marriage . I love- Loved her and I would do anything to make her feel better and to make her feel special . I worked my ass off for promotions and to make sure I'm home for her and this is the thanks I get " He explains . "If that's the case .. Maybe you should just .. Try to make it work " I suggest .

He looks at me and shakes his head . "I can't . I've already tried that Z . We've had altercations Less worse and I made it work Every time .. " He wipes tears from his eyes . I looked back and forth of him and Seianna and sighed . "Look Ni .. I know right now its about you and her but . If you and her don't work this out how are you gonna ever explain that to your daughter over there " I say , he looks straight up at me and back at his daughter .

"I mean that you're everything right there . And me as a parent and a husband would want the best for my child . You and I both know what it's like to grow up in a broken household to see mum every day but barely ever see dad until eventually he just disappears you know ..." I said . Every word was true . Even made me think of what I used to go through and literally almost made me cry . I've know Niall since primary school , 3rd grade .

He knew how I felt about my dad just as much as he felt about his and we've been there for each other for the comfort we both needed . Growing up without a father is something I would never wanna see a child go through .

"Ni . I get it . you can't just be pulling forgiveness out of your ass I understand but .. I know you love her and I mean .. It was an honest mistake . I'm not here to make you forgive her . I'm just saying it would be worth it in the end .. I would love to see you guys as a family .. Even with the new baby " I say . I could tell this whole thing was stressing him out as he began to cry once again . I patted his back and he fell into my arms too weak to move , and being the best friend I am I hug him almost feeling his pain .

I could tell the situation will be hard to handle and its gonna be even harder for for Niall to choose .

I just want to see him take the right path and just forget all of this ever happened 


:( LIEK FOR MOAR!!!!<3


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