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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


28. Chapter 28.

But ... we're best friends ...


Alexandra's P.O.V

*about a week later*

Well I knew this would happen . Right at the moment I have Sparrow screaming in my living room with a positive pregnancy test on the table . Zayn walks into the living room with Alyx in his hand "Um . I'm about to make breakfast .. Is she okay ?" Zayn asked . I sighed . "I don't know . Make me a salted caramel latte please baby ?" I said , whining because I'm stressed . He nodded kissing my cheek and I kissed Alyx's head watching him giggle . Speaking of Alyx soon he'll be already to get his surgery . Well his very last surgery we hope . I really difficult having a cancer child and watching him grow at the same time because these days you never know what could happen . 

Just then the humble side of me decided to shut up and the side of me that was annoyed spoke up . "Okay !!! Sparrow I get it . Omg I'm pregnant and all that Jazz . " I said . "I mean yeah I'm happy about being pregnant .. but . I haven't slept with Niall at all last week .. Just . Liam " She admits . My eyes got big , her eyes got big , next thing you know we were both screaming . "Oh my god !!" I shouted . "I know" She yelled back . "What are you gonna do ??!" I said . "I don't know I ... I have to get an abortion !!" She yells and picks up her phone . WHAT THE HELL ?!! . "NO !" I yelled slapping her phone out of her hand .

"What are you doing ?" I asked . "No what the FUCK do you think you're doing ? . You can't just kill a baby because you made a mistake --" "A mistake that could ruin my family . let alone ruin Liam and Niall's friendship don't you get it ?!!" She spat . Whoaaaa hold the fuck up . "You know what sparrow . I don't get it . I dont get why you would ruin a little baby's life because of the mistake you made by sleeping with Liam . I don't get even why you fucking slept with him in the first place when you knew for who YOU'RE FUCKING MARRIED !! . Did you ever think about your Child . Anybody in your fucking family .... Did you think about the twins or what Liam felt . Did you think about Cher ? " I folded my arms . She looked at me in guilt . I just sighed .

"Do whatever you want Sparrow . But when things come back to bite your ass I had nothing to do with it . I Love you . I'd do whatever it is to help you . but . Don't do something you'll regret " I shrugged walking in the kitchen . I heard the front door close and I just shook my head in disbelief . I can't believe she's really about to go do it . " Is Sparrow is okay ?" Zayn asked . I sighed grabbing onto his waist as he cooked . "Yeah ... Aren't you happy I'm faithful " I asked him . he chuckled . "Of course I am . Are you happy I'm faithful ?" He asked . "Eh now you are . That's all that matters right ?" . "Ayy stop bringing up old shit" He growled making me laugh . I felt Alyx hug onto my leg letting me know he wanted to get picked up . I love my family . I hope Sparrow does the right thing though .

Because I know she loves hers .

Sparrow's P.O.V


I don't know what the hell is wrong with Alex . Maybe its because she's pregnant or .. maybe she cares too much . But she doesn't understand this can't happen the way she wants it to . I can't let Niall know the baby isn't his . All I need to do is just let him know 'Hey I'm pregnant and I want an abortion' . I don't know how he'll take that since we've been trying so hard . but . He's gonna find out . and I cannot let that happen . 

Once I got home Seianna was at Gymnastics so I had enough time to talk to him and do what we needed to do . I walked in our room as he played FIFA15 only starring at the T.V . "Niall .. babe we need to talk really quick " I said over his game . "Um . Okay hold on . FUCKIN CUNT JUST CHEATED !!" he shouts in the headset his Irish accent bouncing off the walls . He throws the controller down gently and removes the headset . "I'm sorry . What's up love ?" He asked . "Well .. Its um . I know its a bit sudden and after we've been trying so hard but now . I'm pregnant " I told him . His face read surprised and he smiled screaming "Yes !! . I can already feel its a son " He jumps from the bed and hugs me He puts his hand on my stomach and feels nothing moving but he sees it as the best thing in the world . What he doesn't know wont hurt him right ? . "But . I spoke to my doctor and .. He said maybe its best for an abortion .. " I cut the smile right off his face . Like I was putting a hole in his heart . " Why ?" He asked . I had to think of a lie to save his feelings "He said . I'm not healthy enough to carry another child you know . I had a baby so young before and he just wants it to be save before we try again " I nodded . I chuckles a little bit sat "You know what . Its alright I mean . Always next time . I still love you " He kisses me on the lips and hugs me . I hug him back . I can't believe he would still love me . No matter what I did he still loves me . and after all of our arguments and disagreements . about to get a divorce fight . He still loves me . I wiped the one tear falling from my eye and told him . "Um . We gotta go . I made a quick appointment for it " I told him . "Well okay lets go .. " He smiled sadly and took my hand guiding me out the room . 

Liam's P.O.V

I was sitting silently in the twins room after putting them to bed . I couldn't think . I felt so crazy and guilty . It was hard to breathe . "You're such a fucking cheater . I can't believe you slept with your bestfriends wife " .

"i didn't mean to "
"you meant it all . you meant to break my heart Liam . and I HATE YOU " 

Cher's voice said in my head . "I love you Cher I swear I didn't mean to do it" I said now sitting in my bed battling with the voices in my head . "cheater . cheater!" The voice screamed . "Noooo!!!!" I yelled putting a pillow over my head . It will blow over soon I hope 

Sparrow's P.O.V

I held onto Niall's hand as the doctor explained to me what he was gonna do . Seianna stayed into a room next to mind that was kinda like a kids area . Niall stayed in the room watching the ultrasound screen the entire time . I almost wanted to cry . As the doctor left and people started to come in with surgery tools My heart dropped . I couldn't think . I couldn't do it . "Niall . Niall !!" I panicked . "What what's wrong ? " He asked . I squeezed his hand as the voices in my head screamed 

"You're such a liar "

"A cheater "

"I hate you "

"That was my best friend "

"Niall . I'm sorry . " I screamed making everyone in the room stop . "Sorry for what what are you talking about ??" He said . "I .. I cheated on you . With Liam okay . Its Liam's baby and I wanted an abortion so you wouldn't find out . But I JUST CAN'T DO IT . I'M SO SORRY !!!" I Began to cry . "W-What ??" He said in shock . I jumped off the table shaking my head running out the door . "Sparrow!" I heard him yell .

Here I was . Running away from the problem . What in the hell have I gotten myself into . 




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