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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


26. Chapter 26

Omg the Larry Vibes

Louis's P.O.V


Its officially 12am . I'm still in my football uniform in the backyard just kicking around my football . I'm sure I'm not the only one who's depressed about Losing Cher . And there's no way in hell I'm gonna get over it. Who else am I supposed to solve Alex's problems with . I'm sure if Alex ever tries to shoot someone in the head again Sparrow is not gonna help me . So then I'll get shot . That'll be tragic .

As I continued to kick the ball around I head the pation door slide open and Harry walk outside with Elijah in his footed pajamas sleeping in his arm with a ninja turtle sippy cup in the other . "Babe . What are you doing out here it's late " Harry said . I shrugged kicking the ball in place . "I just came out to think I guess .. " . "About ?? What's on your mind " He asked . I looked up at him and quickly looked back down as I could feel the tears coming from my eyes . "I know you're still upset about Cher . It can be really hard to lose a friend babe . you just have to be strong . " He replied . "What do you know about losing friends . I thought you had all your friends" I asked him . "Nothing at all " He said making me laugh for the first time tonight .

"But . I remember maybe our first year teaching we were invited to a students cats funeral . That church was filled with her friends and everything . and since then I kinda felt what it was like to lose someone close to you " He explained . I looked at him a little bit confused .. maybe a what the fuck kinda face . " The church was decorated nice for a cat " He smiled . I rolled my eyes and walked over and hugged my husband tightly .

"You're such an idiot " I mumbled against his shoulder . " Don't remind me . I know . " He said and I laughed . I knew I could count on Harry to make me feel better . And he's such a babe . looking at him just makes me smile . "Want some icecream ?" He asked . "What kind ?" I asked . "Any kind you want .. Or I have this special kind down in the cellar .. " He said . I furrowed my eyebrows at him . "We don't have a cellar " . He then smirked at me . I knew exactly what he was talking about . "Ohhh" I shouted . Well this should be fun 

Liam's P.O.V

*1 long month laterrrr*

"Thanks for spending time with me guys . I really Appreciate it " Oh no problem Li . You know you're our best friend" Zayn patted my back . "Yeah . Besides . anything for some free beer and food " Niall said and he we all shared a laugh . Well he's Irish . Without cher in the house is something that I'm probably never gonna get used to and its really helpful when I have friend like them that will atleast try to fill the empty hole in my heart . "Okay Zaynie . We have came to the conclusion . We have to take the twins home!" Alex shouted running down the stairs . "Whoa Alex you're getting pretty fat "Niall screeched .

"Oh .. Why thank you" She poses making us laugh . "Aren't you pregnant again ?" Harry asked . "1 month so far . It feels like 3 the way I was just running" She sighed . We shared another chuckle . Happy to have Alex here too . "Well lets have another beer . " Harry said . "Hold that thought . I got a text from my boss he really needs me right now I gotta go . Do you mind dropping Sparrow  off at home if you get the chance ? I'll make sure to pick up Sieanna from gymnastics on the way home " Niall said in a panicky voice .

"Um sure " I responded as he ran out the door .  "Hazzie . I'm gonna be late for practice " Louis runs down the steps with Elijah in his arms . "Oh well . Sorry Liam . I'll see you later " Harry spoke . "Oh no worries" I chuckled lightly . Just then I heard that annoying Iphone ringtone then Alex picked up the phone ."Helllloo--" "COME PICK UP YO CHILD ! I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY " Someone over the phone shouted . Sounded like her grandma . "I'm coming . Dont yell " She said hanging up . "Well we gotta go now " Zayn sighed . "AWWW" I whined . "I'm so sorry man . Are you gonna be alright ?" He asked . It wasn't really worth telling the truth but I'm not so alone with Sparrow still upstairs . "Y-Yeah I'll be fine " I nodded in assurance as they made their way out the door like everyone else . I shut the door behind them and walked upstairs to see what sparrow is up to .

Baby talk immediately flooded my ears until I was in the doorway of the Twins Nursery and Sparrow was playing with the babies . She turned around and smiled . "Liam they're so cute " She squealed . I smiled to myself sitting down in the other rocking chair next to her . "Thanks ." I simply said . "Its so weird Lucas looks just like you " He laughed . I laughed with her . "Really .. I saw more of Cher " .

"Nah . I see you .." She smiled at me . I smiled back . I never realized Sparrow had a pretty smile like that . I watched as she placed Lucas back in his crib and Luna back in hers " I miss having babies yah know .. Well I only had one but I miss it . Me and Niall have been trying for month " She sighed . "and look at you and Cher . Had 2 in one go " She giggled .

"I'm too attached but If only I could lend you a baby " I said . She looked at me weird and that's when I realized what I said . "Oh I -I don't mean like that I mean like give you one of the twins " I chuckled nervously . "I know what you mean " He laughed . I nodded with a relieving sigh . "but ... wouldn't mind that I mean .. I -I don't know what I'm-" "You just said you'd give me a baby " She mumbled .

"I did . Didn't I .. I'm so sorry -" "I should go things are getting weird .. " She said trying to walk out but instead she trips and falls on me and I catch her .

"I'm sorry " We both said at the same time . I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine . suddenly . I wanted her and I didn't know why . I'm so in love with Cher . I kissed Sparrow with Cher still in my right mind . I carried her to the bed me and Cher both shared . I stripped Sparrow with the still little respect I had for Cher . and as I kissed her lips , to her body , to places I can't tell . My mind immediately blinked .

Cher who ?...



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