Mr.Malik 3 +16

"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


24. Chapter 24

How fast they changed from the beginning of Mr.Malik bro .. Ima cry :(

Alexandra's P.O.V

It took me 3 long moths to finally get used to being back at home and not stuck in a hospital bed all day . In that period of time I made some drastic changes in my life and put the past behind me .There's a lot I had to let go of I guess . My grandma got me a goddamn shrink and everything like .. Not those kind of problem . But everything is all good now . Besides . Me and Zayn have been working on a little project . 

I opened the bathroom door and stood in the door way with my hand behind my back . Hiding the surprise . Zayn was sitting on the bed waiting anxiously . "Well " He asked . I walked up to him stand in front of him . I pulled the positive pregnancy test from behind my back showing him . "Yes !!" He shouted grabbing me into a boa-constrictor   kinda hug making me laugh . I kissed my lips happy like over and over again . 

"What is all this yelling about ? While I'm slaving up in that kitchen I wanna laugh too " Grandma walked in the door way with Alyx on her hip covered in pancake mix . He just giggled . Zayn got up that way I could get Alyx from her . "I got some news " I said to her . She put her hands on her hips impatiently . " I'm having a babyyyy" I sang . she gasped loudly and dramatically like . Well she is my grandma .

"Oh my gosh my baby . GIVING ME 2 GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN THATS WHY YOU'RE MY FAVORITE ! .." She hugged me tightly . "Gamma squeezing me !" Alyx exclaimed ." Sorry baby .. Aww Alyx did you hear . You're gonna be a big brother " Grandma said to him . "What's a big bowtherrr " She said trying to pronounce brother . We just laughed . "Oh this is gonna be an experience " Zayn sighed Kissing Alyx's cheek . "Oh I gotta tell Cher " I handed him Alyx as I ran into the living room to my phone . 

I anxiously dialed her number putting it up to my ear listening to it ring until she finally picked up . She sounded out of breath . " Alex ... Heyy .. What's up " She panted . "Not much . I have to tell you something girl . Make sure you're in a seat" I told her . "Oh I am " She gasped for air hissing in pain a couple times . What the hell ? . "Cher are you alright ?" I asked furrowing my eye brows .

" Oh I'm F-FUUUUCCCKKK!!! . Its hurting Liam ! Its fucking hurting " She screamed . "Are you going into Labor ?!!!" I asked kinda panicking . "What's going on ?!" Zayn asked . "I gotta go Alyx!" She screamed hanging up . "We gotta go Cher is having the babies right now " I said . "Is she at the hospital ?" Grandma asked . I didn't answer that question . welp this should be fun .


We quickly made it to Cher and Liam's house and well . "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Cher screamed in pain . "I don't know what the hell I'm doing . I'M A FUCKING SCIENCE TEACHER !!!" Liam screamed . "Okay calm down Bro everything should be fine " Zayn told Liam who was walking around panicking .

In the meantime a pregnant lady was squeezing the acrylic off my goddamn nails . "Maybe we should call a paramedic or something --" "NO!" Liam and Cher yelled . " Ohkayy .." I said confused . "Well what kinda shit is that ?! want the babies out but don't wanna go to the doctor " Grandma gave her the 'dah fuck' face . "Me . Me and Liam Wanna do it naturally .

A home birth "  Cher said . " Well we gotta figure out something . " I said comforting her so she'll calm down . "mama I tink auntie cherry needs a nap" Alyx said . "Oh baby I think auntie cherry needs more than a nap . Maybe a Goddamn Epidural !!" She shouted . Alyx just looked at her like she was crazy . "We can do this babe . " Liam kissed her head . Just then Harry and Louis busted in the door followed by Niall and Sparrow and the kids .

"Oh shit Cher . Look at your hair --" Harry was interrupted by her "Shut the fuck up and help me ! Ohhhh I shouldnt have done this !" She screamed . " Okay Cher its okay . Just breath in .. and out .. innn .. and ouutt " Niall said . She did as followed . " "Auntie Cherry a blue bewwy " Elijah giggled making the other kids laugh .

Grandma quickly swooped them up and took them to the other room . "Liam . Lets talk really quick " I said grabbing his hand running him to the kitchen . "You know what you have to do " I told him . He looked confused then he freaking lost it . " No No Alex I can't deliver the babies . The pregnancy itself was already hard enough I can't I --" I slapped him in the face . Hard .

" Listen Liam !! . You need to pull yourself together . And I need you to go out there and quit being a fucking teddy bear and deliver those babies . " I shouted . " I can't-"He said "You can " I re assured him . He breathed in and out until he was ready . Then he nodded . " You're right ... Hold my hand ?" He asked kinda squeaky in his voice . I rolled my eyes grabbing on his hands .

Time to deliver some twins .


A few crazy hours later of covering my eyes . I've realized this process is longer than its supposed to be . "We've been pushing for 2 hours now .. maybe they're just not coming " Liam sighed . "Cher babe .. Cher .. ? " He said some panic in his voice . "What's wrong with her . She's not waking up guys " Louis shouted . "I thought she was pushing just now " Sparrow said . "Cher ?! Wake up Babe wake up .. Cher ! Oh my gosh call The -The people !!" Liam shouted running to his shoes . Everyone began to rush around now . Grabbing the kids calling people . I stood there scared for my favorite cousin . Zayn grabbed my waist and pulled me close . " Everything's okay .." He  kissed my cheek . I simply answered "Promise ?" 


Zayn's P.O.V    

I saw Liam looking through the window of the nursery room. Its been a long and emotional day . I walked up to him and put my hand on his back . He jumped a little bit then he just smiled . "Hey .. " He mumbled . I smiled back . "They're beautiful Liam " I told him looking at His Twins Luna and Lucas . "I know . Cher would've been happy to see them . She picked out their names and everything .  " He nodded . It was really quiet as I watched him tears up and eventually he started to cry . Liam was never emotional like this .   " I cant believe she's gone man" He said . Him being too weak to dry off his tears . I let him fall into my arms I held him tight letting him get all of his emotions out . " I know . Its okay "  I continuously patted is back .

I couldn't believe it either   

Everyone welcome

❤ Luna Chanel Payne and Lucas Charlie Payne ❤ 12in* 7lbs *11ounces



Cherilyn Olivia Lloyd 

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