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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


23. Chapter 23

Zayn's P.O.V


I had the house to myself since Louis and Harry took Elijah and Alyx to the aquarium for the day . I was invited but I decided that this would be the time to look through Alexandra's things . memories .. possibly get ready to move them 

Its been 2 long months without her . Every call that says maybe she wasn't with us anymore or I need to give up, just leaves me at a stand still . It still upsets me that I have no idea what was going through her mind the day my world was turned upside down . And not only that but it hurts to hear you son keep asking about his mum and how I have to lie every time .

It makes you feel like the worst person on earth . Or something like that ... . For about 2 hours I sat in our art room taking down drawings and painting . Every time I would graze over her light signature like they were her soft caramel skin . Painting after painting came down and it eventually led to the Gigantic painting that covered the whole right side of the room . The first drawing she ever drew of us with Alyxander . I remember when we took that came picture .

She held about 3 week old Alyx close to her stomach as I was on one knee kissing his forehead gently not to disturb him when he was still sleeping . I remember the beach sand and the soft crashes of the ocean against our feet . She had given me such a beautiful family . It seemed like when I was with Perrie .. I don't know how I could've forgotten that . 

Thinking about the moment made me smile , but also make tears fall from my eyes . just because I miss her a lot. I dropped to my knees not even removing the large mural off the wall and began to cry . I never cried this much when she was here . I need her so bad . Its like a bad drug I cant get enough of . 

"Zayn !!" someone shouted that sounded just like Alexandra, Probably the guilty voices in my head AGAIN. "Zaaaaynnniee!" The voice said again . "Stop l-leave me alone . Please !!" I cried . Screaming lead to bangs on the door . Was there actually someone there ? I expected it to be one of the guys . "Stop guys really " I wiped off my tears . "Zayn .. " that's when the door opened .

All I saw was a small white air force nike walk through the door , and as my eyes slowly came up to the face I saw Alexandra there . No bandages on her head this time , This time she was wide awake . Smiling . I smiled back the tears coming down again " Alex " I said . She dropped her bag holding out her arms and I immediately jumped in them ,Squeezed her tightly and kissing her repeatedly . She laughed and giggled . 
"Okay Okay .. " She shouted . Only released a little bit letting her breathe . " My turn~!" She screamed jumping on me making me laugh . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

It felt so good to be home . You know after I unpacked most of my stuff that was in boxes for some reason . But whatever I'm just happy to be home . The funniest thing is that Zayn won't let me go . I honestly didn't know I've been gone for so long . and NOW that I know I don't wanna let him go neither . I laid in Zayn's arms on our bed for the first time in forrreevverr . I thought he was sleep and I was just texting away to Louis on my phone .

Aww I'm so happy you're back . You almost making me cry :') -BOOBEARisBAE

Lol I know . I missed trying 2 hours to get out of my husbands grip -ALLEXXXXisBAE

See lookie there already tryna get the D and it hasn't even been 24 hours . What a guy !!.-BOOBEARisBAE


"Babe.." Zayn said . I thought he was sleep xD . "Yeah.." I answered just as quiet . He moved me to where I was sitting onto of his stomach my legs on both sides of his body to hold me up . "I've been thinking about what happened ... " He kinda mumbled this time . That had me thinking . There was so much that took place in my mind when I did it . I already know what happened . What I Don't know how to do is break it down to him . "I just wanna know why .." He said . I knew it .

I cant tell him but I know I have to . I took a deep breath and began to speak . "I mean .. " I got off top of him flopping down to his side . He turned to me and I turned to him . "I don't know really .. I just felt .. Maybe a little depressed ." I shrugged chuckling a little . Chuckling led to tears . SHIT !! .

"Thats not really why .. Come on alex .. You tell me everything . " He mumbled sadly . "I don't know . I just felt like I could've done so much more for us and for Alyx . I felt like  I was the reason most of this stuff was happening and you didn't trust me and --" Zayn started to laugh "Babe this is silly . Do you realize I could have lost you over something we could have worked on together ? . " He said .

I just let him talk . Whaat I missed his voice . " Everyday  I would be scared as hell if I just went to the hospital and you were gone . I was so lost and tired and everytime I looked in Alyx's eyes and see you . See you next to me as we worked on our problems like a husband and wife are supposed to do . I didn't even know I made you feel that way and I'm so sorry " He began to tear up . PLEASE DONT START CRRYYYIINGG D: . "I would do anything if I could turn back time . and take that chance to save you and to save our family I seriously would . And I'm willing to do everything .

Starting right now to fill in those 2 month I didn't have you . "He wiped his tears before he actually started crying . I'd never thought we would be having a talk like this one . We've had some serious one but I think this one means change for the Malik family . My gaze into his eyes was interrupted by the door bell . I got up still Zayn hanging on to my hands he followed down the steps to answer the door . I opened it and it felt like being bombarded with kids . But it was just Louis . 

"OMG MY ALEX!!!!! I've missed you!!!" He squealed . "I missed you guys too . All 6 of your personalities !" I squeezed him . few seconds later Harry came trotting in the door   carrying shit tons of stuffed sea animals and t-shirts and just .. shit basically . "You were supposed to help me carry in Alyx's stuff babe ." Harry wined . "Sorry Hazzie . " He chuckled bashfully .

 "I'll help" Zayn chuckled "Alyx?" I questioned and finally after Elijah came my baby . "Momma!!" He screamed . "Alyx!!" I screamed just as loud maybe louder . I kissed him about 5000 times . He giggled holding onto his DOMO beanie for dear life . I just couldn't let him go tho . I was literally about to cry .

"I missed you ." I said to him . "I misseded you too momma" He said . Ohhhh I just missed his 3 year old grammer habit . Just then . "Holy Fuck !!!" Louis yelled . "Heyyy!" I gasped covering the kids ears . They giggled as I did it . " Sorry . But Did you guys hear ? Cher is having twins " Louis said . Well this is a nice surprise home . Welcome home Alex just hit me right in the fucking eye and I simply blurted out a great big 

"HOLY F-"!!



but i just wanted to say I apologize that I haven't updated or anything like that . I've been busy . and well . I can actually say I've been trying to update in forever like omg . and I wanted to update this story because its nowhere near over and I'm trying like .. BRO .I got you guys . Its not over . JUST DON'T GIVE UP OF HAZZASTEDDYBEAR . Pwease <3

like for moarr !!!!<3



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