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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


21. Chapter 21.

This has been an upsetting week for the fandom finding out that The one and only sexiness Zayn Javaad Malik has left the band . But we shouldn't let this stop us from being Us . Mr.Malik will continue as well all my other Zayn Malik stories and shipping B.S I have to offer because after all .. I'm forever a Zaynie Girl ♥

Just needed to say . Enjoy xD

Zayn's P.O.V


Its only been a couple weeks but I haven't been back at home in several days . I couldn't sleep, eat , or think without my family by my side and I would get scared having bad dreams and even looking at a picture would make my heart beat a million times a second , I would start crying and wouldn't stop for hours .

It is really Hard to deal with all of this at once . So instead of staying at home I moved in with my mum and my younger sisters for a while as their home is closer to Alexandra's and Alyxander's hospital care . I woke up this morning and rose from my old bed that for some reason is still here .. My whole room never changed . Still the same black and white walls with lame ass Star Trek covering every corner .

I scratched the top of my long hair moving it out of my face before getting up and walking out of my room . My mum has lived in the same place since was in the 10th grade so this place is pretty old . Its been renovated alot but it still holds many family memories in this big house . I missed it here . 

I walked into the kitchen pouring me a big bowl of cookie crisp and began to eat it as if I didn't eat in the last month . That's when I heard a few footsteps walk into the kitchen soon finding them to be of my mother . "Zayn . Sweet Heart sleep good ?" She asked kissing my head .

I shrugged "Slept okay .. " I mumbled . She ignored my tone and began to make her morning tea . I finished my cereal , washed my bowl out then sitting at the kitchen aisle way with my head in my hands . "Have you checked on my grandson today ?" She asked me . I sighed " Um . I was just heading out to see him actually . " I told her . "And what about My Daughter " She asked .

I knew who she was talking about . But I couldn't talk about Alex for more than 30 seconds without crying or feeling guilty and broken . "What do you mean . Doniyah is fine " . "Zayn .. I'm talking about Alexandra honey " She laughed a little . I chuckled back kinda . "I know ..   I.. I don't know I can't . Can we not talk about her .." I asked stopping the conversation .

"Its Hard honey I know . But you have to have faith in her . You're not thinking straight you can't be so closed and sensitive about her " She explained . " I'm sorry ..  Just sometimes I feel like talking about her and saying shes gonna be okay . Its gonna  make things worse ..  I don't wanna lose her mum -" "I understand but saying she's gonna die and being so hurt isn't gonna make things better either love " She explained . I tried to dry my tears .

" Why don't you go see your son today and me and the girls will go check on Alex for you .. Sound like a deal ?" She asked hugging me . I  nodded . She rubbed my shoulder before walking out of the kitchen . Once I stopped crying I got dressed to go see Alyx my mind still focused on my wife's health as well 


Once I got there I waited a whole hour until I was finally called back to see him . The nurse had a lovely smile on her face today which gave me hope . and to my surprise my son was awake taking to the doctor in his loud and energetic voice. I smiled for the first time in many weeks walking into the room .

"DADA!!!!!!" He squealed jumping off the bed . I picked him up and pulled him to my chest like he was attached . "Ah Mr.Malik how are you sir ?" The doctor asked walking over to me .  I sighed in relief trying to stop myself from crying happy tears .

 " I'm great I um .. I don't know what to -" "It was a miracle . this is one of the most unique one of a kind patience we have every had "  The doctor said . I smiled looking at my little boy happy as ever . It was amazing . "Yeah ." I responded . "So Mr.Malik we kinda wanted to speak to you today . We are putting him on a little medicine like a take home chemo . and I Think ..maybe its time for a haircut " The doctor smiled . I looked at Alyx who was still smiling and probably didn't know what was going on . welp . 


"So then . Cat woman and batman shared a kiss under Gotham's moon " I said . "Ew that's gross dada" He shouted . "Aye who's telling the story " I chuckled . I was starting to get used to him with no Hair .

I mean he obviously took my genes when I was little on hair so its like looking at me . with no hair . "So in the end Bat man and Cat woman got married had a few babies and lived happily ever after " I finished the story . He clapped rapidly making me laugh . "You tired now  ?" I asked .

He giggled shaking his head making me laugh . "Okay . Dada's gonna stay for 10 more minutes then I have to go " I told him pulling him to my chest . He nodded then asking . "Dada?" He asked . I looked at him . " Where's mommy ?" . Of course I avoided telling him the truth because he doesn't need that .

" Well . Mummy couldn't make it today ... She's sick right now but .. She wanted me to tell you that she is very proud of how brave you are and that she loves you a lot okay ?" I told him . I heard a yawn from his little lips .

He rose up kissing both of my cheeks . " Kiss mommy nite nite " He said smiling . He laid back on my chest and cuddled close to me until he fell fast asleep . That put a warm smile on my face and a tear on my cheek . I ffor some reason feel safe enough to go home "Night Alex . I love you " I blowed a kiss into the air . It felt like she caught it the wind blowing in the room . I kissed Alyx's head keeping me and him both warm . And Loved 

LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!<3

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