Mr.Malik 3 +16

"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


18. Chapter 18.

Alexandra's P.O.V


The roll of thunder crashed upon me and Zayn's bedroom . He was fast asleep with me on his chest but I felt I didn't need to be there for some reason . I just don't know what I did I killed our child that wasn't even born yet .

But he still laid here with me like nothing wrong . Haven't I fucked up our family enough ? WHY THE HELL IS HE STILL HERE ?! . It just .. didn't make sense to me . As I laid there I couldn't think of anything good . Couldn't find a bright side to anything .I would look a Zayn sleeping face .

I thought about how much feeling is in the guy and It amazing he hasn't lost his mind . As I was slowly drifting off to sleep , that's when suddenly I got a phone call . I didn't wanna answer but it could be Sparrow because she has my child of course . Or my Brother , since he owes me $20.

"Hello?" I answered the phone silently not to wake Zayn but it sounded like Niall was gonna do that with his screaming . "You gotta come to the E.R um .. w-we had to take Alyx something is wrong " He studdered . My heart began to beat really fast I didn't know what to expect because this has happened alot but I pulled through getting out of the bed . "Alright here I come " I told him hanging up .

I shook Zayn until he finally woke up . "We gotta go to the hospital " I told him putting on whatever I could find . "AGAIN?!" He asked .I couldn't tell if he was scared or just tired and didn't wanna wake up but I really didn't care right now ."Just come on . meet me outside if you wanna see what's wrong with your son " I told him grabbing my other shoe and my keys and leaving the room . 

We drove all the way to the Children's Hospital by Niall and Sparrows house as fast as I could drive . Zayn was getting scared because I was running fucking red lights but nobody is gonna stop me . We came in the hospital hand in hand seeing alot of people in the waiting area but in a little corner sat everyone we knew .

" Alex !!" Sparrow yelled  running over to me in her pink footed pajamas . "What the hell is going on ?!!" I yelled . " I don't know he-he was coughing blood and throwing up and then we gave him his medicine and he went to play with Elijah and Sparrow and when we were about to go check on them Elijah told me he wasn't waking up . " She explained . This made me squeeze Zayn's hand tightly .

I was scared for my child . "Did you guys go back there ?"  Zayn asked them . "They wont let anybody back there during .. whatever the fuck they're doing . lets hope it helps " She sighed . I ran my fingers through my long curls wanting to cry but I knew I had no strength to cry anymore . " Hey don't be upset every thing's gonna be okay " Zayn said hugging me . " I'm trying . I'm trying " I sighed. 

We sat there for almost 4 hours waiting for an update on him . I don't know what the hell is going on . " Can I Please get an update on my child !" I yelled to the doctor on the other side of the room . "Of course ma'am what's the child's last name ?" She asked . "Malik " I told her . She looked on her clip board .

" Its says here he was put on life support . The doctor said his Lukemia moved to his brain and kidney he's not doing as good as we thought . " She told us . I could already feel myself wanting to die " .. W-what does that mean he-he's brain dead orr ? -" " Yes . There's nothing we can do right now as far as treatment except help for the best Mr.Malik " He told him . He sighed closing his eyes .

He really didn't want anybody to see him cry I could tell . As for me I let my tears flow like a fucking watertfall I couldn't take it anymore . "You can go see him but .. he's unresponsive .. I'm sorry guys we tried everything we could --" "They need a moment . move " Cher budded in moving the doctor out of the way . Before my watery eyes Zayn began to cry falling into my arms .

"He's gonna die .. he's gonna die " He cried "Zayn !" Cher said in shock . " he's not gonna die what are you talking about ?" I said crying myself but I TRIED to hold myself together . "Just stop Alex .. please " He said . He then ran off to the back and I had to follow him . "Zayn where are you going ?" I Asked .

I ran from room to room until I found him in the window inside a room holding Alyx in his arms crying . He held him close to his chest . I've never seen Zayn cry so much .

It was so hard to look at that not even 10 seconds later I was sitting on the floor my back to wall crying . This is all my fault . I'm the problem .

I shouldn't try to make things better anymore when they just get worse . And so far I felt I just needed to get rid of the PROBLEM .


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