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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


15. Chapter 15


Q-ARE YOU GOING TO KILL PERRIE?!?!!!?! YES ALEX YOU GO GIRL! I mean it's probably not a good idea to kill her but threatening her is smart.
If your not going to kill perrie, turn the hell around and put that gun down.

A- I just wanna talk >:)


Legoo !!

Louis's P.O.V


I was half sleep on Harry's chest as I listened to his medium paced heart beat and the sound of rolling thunder . I was surprised Elijah's foot wasn't in my face yet . As I laid there not even a few seconds after I was about to fall into a dark sleep my phone rung . I rose from Harry's chest grabbing my phone off his side of the bed . I answered 

"Hello ?" "Hey Louis we have a problem " Zayn's voice was heard through the phone . "problem ? What kind of problem . Perrie went in to labor " I tested his nerves . I hated what he did to Alex now he asked for my help .

" Lou we don't have time for this , Alex's grandma called me and told me that she can't find her . Somebody needs to look with me please " He pleaded . I scoffed rolling my eyes .

" Lou please . She's pregnant and she has a gun . I don't want her in danger we don't know what the fuck she's doing and you're gonna be fucking petty because of some bullshit that I know isn't true .

Just  Louis you don't have to believe me . but you love your best friend I'm sure . " He told me  and he was goddam right as usual . It makes me mad when he's right because he's so smart ... and right ! . I sighed .

"Alright . Let me round up Cher and Sparrow and .. I'll contact you if we find her anywhere " I told him . " Thanks " He said sounding relieved . After we hung up . I quickly put on some underwear , a white t-shirt , and some black joggers .

I put on my Dr.Martens after putting on sock and my beanie followed by my Northface jacket . "Babe " I heard Harry's voice . I turned towards him walking down the steps naked towards me .

Luckily Elijah was sleeping .

"Why are you dressed where are you going ?" He asked me . " I have to go get my crazy ass friend before she goes to juvy . I'll be back I promise " I told him .

He nodded . "Love you " He kissed my lips . "Love you too baby " I said before unlocking the door and leaving . Need to get the crew before I attempt this alone . 


I sped neighborhood after neighborhood after picking up Cher and Sparrow to look for Alex . Where could she possibly be . " And Zayn said she got a gun ... oh shit my cousin bout to go to jail " Cher screamed . "Lets not jump to conclusion . if we find her we can stop her " I assured her .

" Shut up Louis you don't know what she can do !!!" Cher said back which lead to us having a full blown argument while driving down the street . "Guys . Guys !! Shut the fuck up isn't that Alex's car right there in that parking lot ?" Sparrow said .

I looked at where she was pointing noticing that it was definately Alex's car because its the only Black bentley that said Alexandra and cursive on the back . Looks like we found her . I pulled into the apartment complex . Why is she here ?

Alexandra's P.O.V


By the time I found this bitches complex I completely turned into Ms. Fuck mob wife . This bitch was about to get hers and I couldn't wait for it and if I had to go to jail for beating her as I don't give a fuck .

This'll teach her not to fuck with Alexandra Jade Fucking Malik or her fucking family bitch .

I walked into the apartment building and began to look for the numbers . I knew I was at the right floor because nobody could miss the big gittery P on the door at the end of the fucking hallway What a fucking Evil ass perra , ooohh No puedo esperar para vencer a ese culo . Oh sorry , I get carried away sometimes .

I went up to the door and knocked on it as loud as my little hands would let me until she opened the door and I met face to face with her finally . " Um . Hello .. " She greeted sounding scared as fuck .

"Hello .. You know who I am ?!" I asked her folding my arms . She didn't answer me . I let out a small chuckle " You can't speak bitch . and you had so much to say when you was fucking my husband huh ?" .

Her eyes grew twice their size . "Well let me tell you something . im 5ft ..  2 months pregnant . and I'm half off beating your ass .

So unless you wanna be bleeding on this goddamn floor you better start saving yourself --" " You know what . I got something to tell you too . I'm not pregnant ." She began making me look at her in shock

"I'm 5ft4 ... and I love fucking .. your .. husband " She smirked . I swear my eyes beamed red as that sentence escaped her lips and before I knew it I pounced on her ass . 

Zayn's P.O.V 

I've been looking for Alex all night and its almost 3 in the morning . I called her phone constantly with not a fucking answer . I parked my car at a McDonalds parking lot just taking a rest off my mind for a while until I heard my phone ring .

I sighed thinking I knew that nobody found her .

" Zayn we found her you have to come over here right now . " Louis yelled . "Oh jeez where " I asked staring my car again . "At PeachWood apartments like a few streets from me and Haz's house " He explained .

Thats when . I knew exactly where she was "Meet me outside " I told him before hanging up . I ran red lights getting there . Once I did I immediately saw Alex's car and Louis, Sparrow, and Cher outside

. I got out the car and walked up to them . " Zayn you know where she is ?" Louis asked . " Yes . Follow me I'm gonna need your guys " I said . We walked up the stairs hearing yelling and screaming coming from the next flight of stairs .

I busted in the door , Perrie's door to see Alexandra holding a gun to Perrie's head , tears rolling down her face . This isn't happening .



LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!

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