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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


14. Chapter 14

To Alex 

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Alexandra's P.O.V


It was disgusting sitting there watching my grandmother flirt with her boyfriend . They're like what 50 years old . Gross . "Want some more chicken Oggy-Bear?" My granny cooed .

Don't mind if I do " He smirked as he took the piece of chicken out her hand with his teeth . Bruh . Oggy-Bear . comeon now . I cleared my throat getting my grannys attention .

"Oh Alex I forgot you were sitting there . You should talk more honey " She said . I rolled    my eyes . "Um . Rolland can I speak to my Granny please " I asked her 'boyfriend' "Sure thing . I'll see you in bed " He kissed my grandmas cheek before leaving As we watched him walk out .

"Alright what's on your mind baby doll " She said going to the sink to wash dishes ."Grandma .. I think maybe me and Zayn are falling apart .. " I explained . I mean I knew if anything My granny would listen to me . "How can you tell . I mean I know some fucked up shit has been going on lately baby but thats no reason to give up on eachother " She explained .

" No . Its not just like Alyx's cancer and all of that " I began sitting on the counter . " But he's told me . He cheated on me ." I said . My grandma looked at me in shocked "He .. Wait what " . I nodded " And he promised me . Like he'd never do it again . sober at that . and I caught him cheating in our room yesterday and I don't know how . He could just lie to me like that " I looked up to keep myself from crying .

"How come you didn't tell me about this Alexandra . I would have been over there quick fast and in a hurry . " She snapped her fingers . "Because its wouldn't matter if you beat him up grandma . He still fucked that girl , He still got her pregnant , and lied to me . I don't know what to .I have Alyx . I don't wanna do anything I'll regret grandma " I began to burst out in tears . She just pulled me into a hug.

"Alejandra .. Neita . you know what's right I know you do .. Ima tell you this . Your Grandad did the same to me . With every child I had . With your mom your Uncle Cash , Auntie John . Yep even the child we knew was gonna be a transvestite . But he left me . 8 kids I had to take care of by myself . No fucking wonder I'm going from boyfriend to boyfriend . " . I chuckled even though I wasn't supposed to .

"But . You and Zayn . Honey He LOVESS you . I know my Grand son in law . He doesn't mean any harm to you guys Alyx . this baby on the way . For all I know this bitch who claims to have your step kids . Just wants your man .. She wants what you got and its your job to put your foot down and tell that bitch to back off " My grandma explains .

" You give her the finger and tell her thats mine . Go get your own . Dont worry I seen you do that to your mom . I laughed my ass off hunny " She laughed making me burst out in fits of laughter .

"My point is . Rather its divorce your looking at . Just separating yourself from the situation . It doesn't matter You both belong together . And I'm not about to look at none of my grand-babies upset . Especially my Great - Grand baby because he's my world and his parents are being more babies than him . " She finished then walking out the kitchen .

Yes my grandma is Crazy yah know . But she's right . Zayn wouldn't do stuff on purpose .. I always knew That bitch was crazy anyway . and you wanna fuck up my family . You're gonna have to try a whole lot harder . 

Zayn's P.O.V

"So then super man swooped down . Defeated Lex Luther and saved Alyx from the layer of junk . " I finished the story for Alyx . He clapped his hands smiling . I laughed . "Was it good ?" I asked him . He nodded .

"Good" I smiled . I kissed his forehead tucking him in his bed covers . " Dada .. " He called . "What's wrong ?" I asked still laying by his side . " Whewes mommy ?" He asked . I didn't know honestly , and telling Him I didn't know would make him scared .

" She'll be home soon . She went to go take care of something okay ?" I told him . "Otay .. I miss mommy " He said to me . When he said that my heart fell as I laid next to my little boy . " I miss her too . " I smiled a little .

Then my smile turned into tears . I let her slip away . through my fingers . I love her so much and I feel I've made my share of too many mistakes . I looked over at Alyx seeing he was holding a tissue to my face .

I laughed " Thanks " I told him . Thats when he got out from under the blankets and hugged me tightly . "No cry dada " He said . I hugged him back picking him up . He giggled as I tickled him . He pointed to my cheek "Hewe" . I nodded as he then kisses my cheek . I love my little boy very much . 

-Later that night-

I was half sleep in Alyx's bed with him on my chest . I didn't feel like getting up after I was here . That when My phone rung in my room .

So I got up still holding Alyx who is a very heavy sleeper and went to get my phone . I answered the phone who was Alexandra's grandmom . 

"Hello ?" I said in my groggy sleep voice ."You gotta go find Alexandra . " She said . "What do you mean find Alexandra ? " I questioned

" I don't know where she went . She was just here . Now she's gone . and she took my pistol someone need to go get her . "  Her grandma yelled .

"Alright I'm on my way " I told her . I put my shoes on and a jacket . Grabbing one of Alyx's hats and a blanket . at 1:30 am . I left . To go find my crazy wife . 


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