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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


11. Chapter 11

Yahayayahayah .. hi . Lets get to these questions gurl . 

For Alexandra .

Q : Just wanted to let you know that Perrie is being more of a bitch than usual and has something nasty planned ...... :) good luck with the new baby I hope its a girl .

A : I ain't worried about her too much . and thankyou I hope its a girl too . 

For Zayn 

Q : please please PLEASE  don't give in to perrie!!!!! Your family needs you bro

A : Perrie is the last thing on my mind . Trust me I want nothing to do with her . 

STORY STARTING AND 3 .. LE 2 .. LE 1 .. LEGGO !! . Haha see what I did there :3 


Alexandra's P.O.V

*A month later*

Today was a good day . Mhm yes it was . Today I am finally able to take my baby home !! .Oh my gosh like I missed Alyx in the house so much . Me and Zayn were forced to make our own entertainment :( . Not cool . I miss him so much that I pretend stuffed animals are him sometimes . Its sick but I'm so used to being a mother and this baby in the oven isn't cooking fast enough .

I'm only a month ahead but it feels like I'm weeks behind . I don't feel pregnant at all to be honest . Like I haven't had any morning sickness really . I went from vomiting every 30 minutes to every couple days . Its weird and I meant to talk to the doctor about it .

But I'll give it some time . Since Zayn was sleep .. Like in a very deep sleep Me and Louis along with Elijah  were going to pick up Alyxander from the hospital . We were in the car blasting Tove Lo like our lives depended on it . Everyone on the road would look at us going potentially mad in the car but we just didn't give a fuck . :) .

"WE COULD BE HEROES !!!!!!!!!! ME AND YOUUUUUUUU!!!!" We sung together . Me off key and him just at the perfect pitch . We laughed together . " I didn't know you could sing " I said to him .

"Eh well I didn't know either until I started singing Elijah to sleep every night while Harry is so caught up in his stupid job " Louis rolls his eyes . Didn't know things could get so serious so quick . But what he meant was Harry started his new job after he finished cop school a few weeks ago .

He hasn't really been home lately or spent time with any of us . I didn't know it made Louis feel some type of way though . " Well Lou You gotta look at the brightside . 

Harry hasn't had a job since high school . This is the first job he's been accepted for and he worked so hard to get it . You need to be supportive Mrs.Styles " I told him . He rolled his eyes

" I know I have to . But it gets annoying . all he talk about is work .. Work Work Work .. Is there someone at work that is better than our family .. Better than me ?" He questioned .

I seriously thought he was talking to himself . yah know thinking out loud . But That wasn't the case at all . He was talking to me . " Louis if he was gonna go cheat on you wouldn't you think he would have done it by now ?" I asked him . " I know but he's did it before in the past remember and --" " Now he's a married man . He loves you and Lijah and lets be honest .

We have some pretty excellent fathers and husbands on our side Lou just calm down everything is okay . " I told him giving him a pat on the shoulder before putting my hand back on the road before we got into a wreck . He smiled back giving out a loud sigh

. " You're right you're right . Everything is okay " . Ahh what would he do without me . Prolly go into the police station yelling where my man at ?! WHERE MAH CHILDSUPPORT .. Too much for your soul huh . I see . We pulled into the hospital parking lot yah know . Parked . and Proceeded into the building after getting Lijah out his car seat .

I can't wait to see my baby . 

Zayn's P.O.V


I woke up noticing it was about 2:00 in the after noon . I was very tired last night staying on the phone with Alyx all night until he fell asleep . It made me smile to hear his laughs and giggles . It made me smile to hear him period . I got out of the bed rubbing my face intensely .

I walked out the room into the kitchen and started making lunch . I was very hungry so I made alot of lunch ... for myself . After I made lunch I sat down eating it while watching T.V . T.V is boring without Alex . I miss her and she hasn't even been gone that long . So I thought . Then I realized shes picking up Alxy from the hospital and last night she told me it would take a while .

I just don't know when she left . Well after lunch I went to take a shower and get dressed and while I was in the shower I heard the door bell ring and constant banging on the door . You could actually believe it was the police . I stopped the shower wrapped the towel around my body before walking downstairs to answer the door . I opened the door revealing Perrie in a long coat and boots .

Of course it just had to be here .

" Sorry Zayn's not here . Just his twin brother Zach " I lied trying to shut the door but she stopped it with her foot . "Zayn Zayn Zayn .. Babe you're so funny" She giggled devilishly . "Perrie what are you doing ?" I asked . " You know .. What I came here for " She smirked making me back up the stairs and towards my room .

"Perrie when are you going to stop this ?" I questioned her trying to stop her in her tracks . " When . I get what I want Zayn . My true love . You broke my heart Zayn --" " Yeah . I did . If you weren't hoeing around maybe I wouldn't have and I'm sorry If I hurt your feelings or what ever but that's just how it has to be . Besides .. We shouldn't even be talking to each other " I reminded her .

" Ha . Its funny that the other night you said we needed to act our age .. AND you're still on some preschool bullshit . Get it through your head Zayn . " . She scoffed . " I'm not leaving you alone Zayn . You can't tell me to leave you alone . I won't until your family is ruined ... and you're mine . " She growled .

 She stripped from the coat revealing herself in lingerie . She climbed ontop of me beginning to kiss me . And as dumb as I was . and the fact I couldn't get out of her grasp I let her do whatever she wanted to me .

In the process I heard the front door open and and people walking up the stairs laughing and I knew ..

I fucked up


Alexandra's P.O.V

We made it back home and let me tell you with 2 hyper ass 3 year olds  in the car its fucking crazy . Me and Louis Just turned on kids bop really loud so we all can enjoy the ride . I got Alyx out the car fixing his SuperMan beanie on his head as Louis got Elijah out the car .

"You ready to see dada he missed you!" I told him . "Yahh!" Alyx squealed . "Unlce Zaynie "  Elijah said followed by him and Alyx screaming . How nice . I unlocked the door and walked inside the house . I sat Alyx's stuff down letting him run up the steps . We all went upstairs to see Zayn not on the couch . " Oh shit Zayn's prolly still sleep .. Alyx babe why don't you and Lijah go play in your room while I wake up dada okay ?" I told Alyx .

" Otay mommy . Come on Lijah play super heros . I'm Batman " He called . "Im Gween Lantewn" Elijah squealed as they ranto Alyx's room . " I'll go wake Zayn up " I told Louis who was in the kitchen drinking a bunch of shots . "Oh take you're time . Is this rum ?" He asked .

I giggled shaking my head . I went towards me and Zayn's double doors . I slowly opened door to the right "Babe you awake ?" I called . As soon as I caught a glimpse at what I saw My heart dropped . "What the fuck ?!!" I yelled . I saw him .in Perrie ?! .. Lord pray for me 

.......TO BE CONTINUED ......


LIEK FOR MOAR!!!!!!<3<3<3

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