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"Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I "

The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥


10. Chapter 10.

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Alexandra's P.O.V

We all sat in the waiting room together waiting for somebody to give up what the hell happened to my baby . They've been holding off the problem since 4:00 and its 7 now . I tapped my leg with fear in my heart . Just hoping things aren't as bad as they're making it . " Come here " I heard D's voice opening his arms . I fell into his arms with no problem hugging him tight .

" Every thing's alright . If they hurt my nephew I'm gonna kick the doctors ass personally " He said in my ear . " I'm just really scared .. Its hot in here .. and it smells like feet " I wined as he rubbed my back for comfort . Just after I said that a nurse came by parking in front of our crazy wolf pack of people filling up all the chairs . It was a High family reunion in there .

" Okay . We need the parents of Alyxander Malik . " She called out . I looked around not seeing Zayn anywhere to be found . " Um .. I can't go back there without my husband " I told them . " Well ma'am we need to talk to someone . This is important " She stated .

I sighed just hoping he would run through that door like superman anytime now . " Come on . I'll go back there I'm the Great Grandma do you know how important that is " Grandma stood up . " Me too . I'm Uncle Angelo . " Deangelo stood up smiling .

" Annnd what's the important thing in that sir ?" The nurse asked him  . He shook his head sigh " Lets just go please " He said leading the way instead of the nurse . I looked back just seeing if my husband had even walked in yet . Never did . Now I'm wondering if he ever will . 

Zayn's P.O.V

Traffic was crazy and there was no way out of it or around the accident that happened before that caused it . And I was in a hurry .

I was blowing my horn like a psyco idiot . " I HAVE TO GO TO MY SON !!!" I yelled blowing my horn some more . It was starting to make me tear up because I don't know how long the traffic is gonna last and how long I'm gonna be here . I was covering my head with my hand laying back in my seat .

I could feel myself ready to burst out in tears . Thats when I heard my phone ring . As of now I didn't wanna talk to anybody unless it was the voice of my wife in a room with my child and thats all I cared about . But I answered the phone anyway . " H-Hello?" I stuttered covering up the fact I was about to cry .

" Zaaaynn " I heard Perrie's voice over the phone . "Perrie today is not the day for this shit alright . Stop calling me . Whatever you have to say is not important " I scoffed at her . She just giggled . " Babe . you Can't get rid of me .. I'm gonna be here forever . You know you wanna be with me " She said making me roll my eyes .

" I'm happily married . I don't need you . I have a family with a baby on the way . I don't want anything you got . So why don't you just back your ass to a different continent . " I growled . " You can't quit me Zayn . I got tricks in the making just wait " She said . I could hear the smirk in her voice as she hung up . I looked back up at the road realizing people were moving and traffic was no longer backed up . 

I made it to the hospital and I ran to the back knowing I had no time to ask for permission so I snuck myself in . I found Alyx's room instantly seeing all the lights off and his spider man light plugged in the wall . I noticed the Short girl with curls in the bed holding the little boy with a picture book in her hand .

Alexandra and Alyx .

I didn't wanna walk in and scare them so I just looked through the window as she read to him . I could hear his faint laugh making me smile . " Just home sick bro " I heard Liam as he patted me on the shoulder . " What ?" I asked again not paying attention .

" Alyx .. he just misses you guys . The doctor said he was having anxiety attacks in his sleep making his heart beat fast . It gives out sometimes but it's just from being away from you guys for so long . " Liam explains .

I sighed . " I just I don't know what to do anymore . I'm not there like I'm supposed to be . Its difficult that I can-can't be the best father I know I am . and its Hard because I'm never here for him and I'm trying so hard " I said trying to keep myself from crying in front of Liam . I wiped the tears as they fell until his hand went up helping me .

" Its alright .. I don't think he's gonna love you any less . Do you know how attached that little boy is to you ?" He asked me . I looked at him nodding . " Zayn You're his role model .  He want's to be just like you when he grows up you know ..You and Alex raised a special child who was lucky enough to have 2 of the most unique parents there are . and when it comes down to it he may like Marvel as much as the next guy . But you're the real Super Hero in his life " Liam finished .

He was right . I need to be there for him whatever it takes . I know my child more than anybody .

" Thank you so much . " I told Liam . " You're welcome Bro . what are friends for . Now go see your son " He smiled . I smiled back nodded . I slowly walked into the door not interrupting the story .

Alyx caught a glimpse of me and gasped with excitement , but I shushed him not wanting to interrupt his mum . I came next to her laying down and wrapping my arms around her I kissed her cheek and she stopped reading and smiled at me ever so lightly . " What are we reading ?? " I asked them .

" Batman saving gottam city !" Alyx said excitedly . I laughed at how he said Gotham . " I thought you weren't coming " She whispered to me .

" Oh I was coming .. and I'm not going anywhere I promise baby " I whispered back kissing her lips watching her smile in our kisses .

"I love you baby " I whispered to her . " I love you too Zaynie " She smiled . I reached over her shoulder grabbing Alyx and putting him on my chest .

" Read away mummy " I said "Yahhh" Alyx squealed . She laughed " Okay okay don't get your tights in a bunch " She giggled continuing the story .




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