Secret Project

Hi I'm Victoria and I secretly work for Justin Bieber,
The paparazzi don't know who I am Justin doesn't know I love him
This is the story of my life I need your help to make it better.
Victoria Torrez


1. The One Call

The reason why my life is undercover is a story not even I can really remember but it started with a phone call. Here we go. *Phone Call* "Hey this is Juicy J your Victoria Torrez right?" Yeah that's me, why what happened "Since I met you a week ago and we hung out I thought that you would want to be in a music video that I'm in since its Maejor Ali's music video he asked me if there was one more girl that could be in the music video and I told him your name, showed him a picture of you and one of your dance videos and he really wants you in the video so would you like to do it?" "Sure"

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