Protection Program: Let's Fight

With Mr. Stalin missing, Richer has to make sure that everyone is save, and not only fight for her own safety but to save the whole world. Follow Richer, Nath, Ax, Jared, Keon, Carter, Aaron, and Mike in the journey of saving the world.


5. Chapter Three


I woke up thanks to the alarm clock. I stayed a while longer lying on bed. I had no force to get up and face the day. It felt like all my energy was being drained from me. 


"Richer?" I heard someone knock at my door. "Richer wake up."

I tried to sit up, but I couldn't. My eyes flew in panic when I realised that I wasn't feeling tired. I was being drained. 

"Richer?" Jared's voice questioned again. "Richer I'm opening the door if you don't answer." Two seconds passed and the door flew open. "GUYS!" Jared shouted as he came to my side. "Richer honey, keep your eyes open, stare at me."

"What? Holy shit!" Ax shouted as he ran to my other side. "What is happening to her?"

"They are draining her." Jared replied. "Ax close all the windows."

"Why are you shouting?" Carter questioned. "Shit. Are they draining her?"

"Yes." Jared replied. "Do you know how to stop it?"

"Yes." Carter replied and then I lost myself.


I woke up gasping for breath, like if I was being drowned or something. The room was dark and I had no idea where I was or what had happened. 


I sat on the bed and tried to figure out where I was, but I was going to fail because everything was dark and I heard no one. 


I tried focusing but I sensed no one, it seemed like I was on a dark hole. I stood up and fell down once again. Why couldn't I walk?


"Richer?" I heard a voice and the lights came on. "RICHER!" Nath shouted as he ran to my side. "What are you doing up?"

"What happened?" I questioned confused. "Why do I feel so tired?"

"Someone was trying to drain your powers." Nath explained as he placed me on the bed again.

"Who?" I asked. "Did you find out who?"

"Yes." Ax sighed as he appeared on the door frame. "And you are not going to believe it." 

"Who?" I questioned. "One of us?"

"Worst." Nath sighed. 

"Myself?" I asked and they nodded.

"Woah? What on earth? How can that be possible?" I questioned. "I don't understand how I can drain myself from my power."

"It happens when you are too stressed." Ax explained. "We need to find Mr. Stalin so that everything goes back to normal."

"I don't get it." I exclaimed. "Explain!" I cried.

"Go back to bed Richer." Nath said. "Rest some more and then we will explain to you what really happened."


I wanted to complain but I knew that it wasn't going to get me answers. I yawned and laid back on bed staring at the ceiling. 


"Sweet dreams." Nath said and kissed my forehead before he disappeared out of my room.


I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. Everything was so messed up. I tried really hard to fall asleep but I couldn't, it felt like someone wanted to have a word with me. 


Mr. Stalin.


I focused on Mr. Stalin and the connection opened. 


Miss Davenport. 

-Mr. Stalin. Can I drain myself out of my own power?

Yes you can. I will explain that later, right now I need you to listen to me.

-Give me the instructions.

Tomorrow exactly at 10:00pm you and the rest are to come and save me. It is time.

-Are we going to need anything?

No, just yourselves and your power.

-Do you know how this is going to end?


-We will be there Mr. Stalin.

I know. Rest and come tomorrow. 10:00pm sharp.

-We will.


The connection was over. I sat up on my bed and got up. I don't care if I had to rest, they needed to find out that Mr. Stalin was ready to be saved.

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