Protection Program: Let's Fight

With Mr. Stalin missing, Richer has to make sure that everyone is save, and not only fight for her own safety but to save the whole world. Follow Richer, Nath, Ax, Jared, Keon, Carter, Aaron, and Mike in the journey of saving the world.


9. Chapter Six


I crawled as quietly as I could manage to do it, there was no way that I was going to let them know that I was there. My mind was blocked from everyone and now I only needed to find the perfect moment to attack. 


"The girl is not here." A voice said. "She must have managed to escape." 

"How could have she done that?" Another voice shouted. "Search for her presence, she has to be here." 


I stopped dead on my tracks, trying to lower my breathing and closing my eyes--


"Ms. Davenport!" The teacher's voice woke me up from the vision I was having. "Is my class too boring for you?"

I shook my head. "I'm sorry." I whispered. "I just have a headache." 

"Go to the infirmary then." The teacher snapped pointing at the door.


I gathered my things and walked out the door. I knew that Nath and Ax where watching my every move and for sure that either one of them will come out in a second. 




"Vision?" He questioned and I nodded. "What is it about?" 

"I was hiding." I replied. "And random people where searching for me, that was all." 

"Let's go and find Jared." Nath said as he took my hand. 


It had been two weeks since we had found Mr. Stalin and lost Aaron. I sighed as I followed Nathaniel through the corridors. 


We arrived to the classroom where Jared was supposed to be. Nath knocked on the door and questioned for Jared, he came out a few seconds ago and when he saw me, he knew that something was wrong. 


"Go back to class Nath." Jared said. "I will stay with her."

"Are you sure Richer?" Nath questioned me and I nodded. "Send me a thought if he is being annoying." Nath kissed my head. 

"I will." I replied in a small voice. 


Jared took my head and we walked towards Mr. Stalin's office, I was right about him working at the school. 


Jared knocked twice and opened the door, only reveal Mr. Stalin waiting for us. He motioned us to the chairs in front of his desk. 


"Start." Jared said as soon as he had the recorder on. "From the top."

"Fine." I sighed and started narrating the vision. 




I threw my backpack on the entry of the living room and collapsed on the first couch that I could find. It had been a long day at school, and afterwards we had to go and work, even though that Mr. Stalin was back, he asked us to keep with your jobs so that we could keep our eyes open for any weirdness out in the world. 


"You're home." Carter said as I heard come down the stairs. "Long day?" I showed him thumbs up. "Mr. Stalin is out on the market with Jared and Mike."

"Thanks." Ax said as he moved my feet and sat down taking my shoes off. "You have no idea what a day we had at the coffee shop."

"What happened?" Keon shouted. "Tell me!"

I grunted and turned to face the ceiling and I saw that everyone was here. "Call Nath, he will tell you the story."

"I'm here." Nath said as he joined us. "Rest on my lap?" I nodded and I sat up so he could sit and then I rested mu head on his lap. "Jesus I'm pretty sure they will fire me." 


I chuckled and then kept quiet listening at how Nath explained what had happened at out shift. 


Maybe my life is meant to be weird, even though we still have some great times.

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