Protection Program: Let's Fight

With Mr. Stalin missing, Richer has to make sure that everyone is save, and not only fight for her own safety but to save the whole world. Follow Richer, Nath, Ax, Jared, Keon, Carter, Aaron, and Mike in the journey of saving the world.


11. Chapter Seven



Get lost Carter.


For the last ten minutes that has been the only thought that crossed through my head. I wanted to have a calmed afternoon, but NO, Carter decided to have his mind stuck inside mine.


Carter! For crying out loud! GET FUCKING LOST!


"Richer!" Mr. Stalin shouted. "Come down here!"


I rolled my eyes and got up from my bed walking towards the first floor living room. Everyone was at home as it was a Saturday morning, but we were all expanding our friendships, and so Keon and Carter had a party tonight. 


I entered the living room and found Jared with Mr. Stalin. I let out a sigh and sat on the coffee table as I stared at them. 


"Yeah?" I questioned. "What's up?"

"We are figuring out what your visions mean." Jared spoke. "But I don't quiet understand them, and Mr. Stalin said that you are the only capable of understanding them."

"So you need me to help you figure out my visions?" I questioned.

"Yes." Mr. Stalin replied. "Please don't move from here, I need to do some more grocery shopping." 


We both nodded and Mr. Stalin left. I let out a sigh and started to figure out what they meant. You know, it was pretty weird to be stuck in this kind of things. 


Before my dad died, he used to buy me books about people with powers and magicians, and I loved them, I even wished to be like them, but I never knew that this would become true, cause right now, I don't want it to be true. 




Come here Richer, you don't belong there. They don't rest you like the Princess that you are. Come with me. Follow my voice and you'll live like a real Princess. Follow me...


I woke up with  jolt. I was in the middle of nowhere and just to make it better, I was confused as fuck. I did a 360 trying to figure out where I was, only to realise that I was in the middle of the forest. 


"I see that you came." I heard voice speak. "I thought you had more will power." 

"Who are you?" I questioned. "Show yourself."

"I'm Noel Zuch." The voice spoke. "I am the leader of the Coven which you belong in." 

"I belong in no Coven." I stated. "Why am I here?"

"Because I called you here and you obeyed." Noel spoke. "You belong here." 

"Fuck I don't!" I shouted. "How did I come here?" 

"You walked." He replied. 

"How could you control my mind? It is blocked from the outside forces." I said. 

"Not from my forces." He smirked. "Now Princess, come along with me into your new home." 

"No." I stood my guard. "I will not go with you." 

"Yes you are." He replied. "Come before I make you." 

"Make me." I breathed and closed my eyes, trying to focus all my energy on him. I had to paralyse him. I had to control his mind. 


"RICHER STOP!" I heard Nath shouting. "STOP!" 

I caught my breath and tears were clouding my view. "What?" I questioned as I rubbed my eyes. "What is going on?" 

"Did you have another vision?" Nath questioned. 

"I don't-" I started. "Wasn't I in the forest?" 

Nath raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "Richer it's 2:30am."

"Call Mr. Stalin." I said and walked towards the bathroom. 


I don't think that was a vision, it was far too real for it to be one. Once I was back in my room, Mr. Stalin and Jared where also there. 


"Nathaniel said that you had a vision?" Mr. Stalin questioned. 

"I don't think it was a vision sir." I replied. "It was far to real for it to be one." 

"Where were you?" Mr. Stalin questioned. 

"In the dark forest, with the Coven lead Noel Zuch." I replied. 

"Wake up everyone." Mr. Stalin said. "We have to be prepared."


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