Protection Program: Let's Fight

With Mr. Stalin missing, Richer has to make sure that everyone is save, and not only fight for her own safety but to save the whole world. Follow Richer, Nath, Ax, Jared, Keon, Carter, Aaron, and Mike in the journey of saving the world.


8. Chapter Five


Mr. Stalin was trying to get some sense into everyone, or was trying to get some emotion from anyone to be honest. After getting him safe and losing Aaron, no one had dared to move or speak. I was lost in thought, but I heard everything he said, there was no denying that he was suffering just like we all were. 


"Kids." Mr. Stalin spoke. "Please listen to me." He let out a sigh. "EVERYONE!"

We all broke trance and stared at him. 

"Was it necessary to scream?" Carter questioned.

"Yes." Mr. Stalin replied. "I know that death isn't easy, and I know that no words will ever comfort you or heal the wound left, but kids, if you keep mopping around you're going to get yourselves killed." He paused for a moment. "I know there is no way to forget about someone you cared, and I am truly sorry for this, but we have to continue with life."

"Who had you?" I questioned. "The old man on the door didn't seem to know what the hell was going on." I said. "Who killed Aaron?"

"She is right." Mike said. "Who was keeping you in hostage? It wasn't someone from PP that wanted Richer." 

"No." Mr. Stalin replied. "It seems that the reason why some people from PP wants Richer is because there is war between supernaturals." 

"What?" Nath and I questioned. 

"A war between supernaturals?" Nath questioned. "There's other people that have other type of powers? Vampire, witches?"

"Only witches." Mr. Stalin replied. "They held me in captive, thinking that if they had me they could get to Richer." 

"Why do they want me?" I questioned. "I can only read minds and predict the future." I replied. "There's nothing from me that they could possibly need."

"On the contrary Richer." Mr. Stalin said. "You have everything they need." 

"Please don't tell me that I a witch as well." I rolled my eyes. "I'm sick and tired of discovering new things about me." 

"Not only you." Mr. Stalin replied. "Ax, Keon and Mike as well." 


What on the mother of earth? 


"How do you know that?" Keon questioned. "How come we did not figure it out before?"

"Because all witches had their power laying low until the time of war." Mr. Stalin started. "The elders locked down all the powers for eighteen years."

"I'm not even eighteen." I muttered. "Let me take a guess, the were waiting for the Princess?"

"Yes," Mr. Stalin sighed. "They were, and now that the know you are here, they let the powers lose, that means that in a couple of days you'll have powers." 

"Which side is better?" Jared questioned. "Which side should we protect us from?"


Mr. Stalin seemed to think for a moment. He stared at Aaron before he got up and covered him with a blanket. 


"Both." He replied. "We protect ourselves from both sides. We don't trust either."

"And what do we do then?" Carter questioned. 

"We get ready to fight whatever comes." Mr. Stalin said. "Right after we burry Aaron." 


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